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“The Truth Is, I’m Lonely”

It’s morning, before 7, there’s both fresh snow and fresh coffee. I was spent by 10 last night and fell asleep during Eli Stone, so I’m finishing it off before I begin the painful commute to work.

There’s a moment when, after a promising four-date relationship crumbles to dust, Eli says simply, “It’s not like I connect with a different woman every week. …The truth is, I’m lonely.”

I had a Fail Date Saturday. It’s complicated. I don’t really want to fill you in. But it was one of those second/third dates with promise that ends with a reality cheque you probably don’t feel like cashing, but the jig’s up, baby. Continue reading

Steff’s Easy-Start Guide to Changing Your Life: Part Two

I began this series last month, here’s part one. It’s pretty unstructured, but the early part of the series is focusing on the head game, because without the head game down, you’ll have no success. It’s all in the head game.

The most important thing you need to do if you want to effect serious change in your life is stop bullshitting yourself. No more excuses. Get it done.

What, you want to wait until everything’s perfect and momentum is good, the clouds are gone and the humidity is stable? Right. Come back here to Planet Earth, where rarely do you ever get what you want when you want it, even in restaurants where you’re paying for precisely that.

That’s why you gotta take what you want. Fuck happenstance and trials and tribulations. Shit happens, always will happen. That’s how life unfolds. I’m down 60 pounds this year, even though the last four months have been consumed with bouts of insomnia, several illnesses, debilitating back injuries, cockroaches infesting my home, and even overtime for the last three weeks steady while rehabbing my back injury, and yet I’ve lost 25 pounds in that time. Continue reading

Why, Hello, Mr. Scale!

As of today — meaning, before the turkey and gravy and decadence and having family stay with me and all that — I have lost 60 pounds. 60!

I had to squint. See, I use this 1950s scale that was my mom’s and my grandma’s before her. Don’t knock it, it’s as accurate as the doctor’s office. You go spend your $90 on your digital thingie with its bells and whistles and bullshit, I’m fine with this guy.

‘Cos I’ve lost 60 pounds! YAY! From 275 down to 215. :)

Bring on 2009, ‘cos I’m gonna kick its ass too! YEAH, BABY.

A Long Overdue Report on the State of the Steffs

I really wanted to write on the weekend, and I don’t know why I’ve not been able to get into the mood of it. I’ve been exhausted, overworked, stretched too thin, all of that. I’m in a good mood, so I’m not depressed or anything. I’m just sort of being a Steff-of-all-things for everybody else that I’ve got too little of me left for me these days, and I guess writing would mean I’d have even less left. Sometimes, the curtains pulled, lights down low, doors locked, and calendar free, and nothing accomplished, well, it all adds up to saving a bit of yourself when it doesn’t seem you’ve got much of it left.

It certainly doesn’t do much to help the blog out, now, does it?

That’s just the way the existential cookie crumbles, though. Yesterday was my accomplish-nothing day, and fuck I loved it.

Now here it is, 9 minutes to 9, and I should be on the bus to Adiosville and work, but instead I’ve foolishly begun to blog. I guess this is how it begins. The “I shouldn’t, but I will” posting cracks the veneer of protectiveness that develops when you stop posting daily or whatever, and slowly I get back into the mode. I want to blog, it’s the doing-of-it that’s the problem. Life just has different ideas. Normally I have enough flexibility in my schedule I can bump things and stay home to write no matter when the urge hits. Not these days. Continue reading

Touching Bases as The Insanity Continues

Hi, world.

I’ve been swirling in overtime for two weeks now, and there’s a huge relief that swelled inside me when I woke up on this Friday morning and realized two things: One, I slept well. Two, I’ve survived this week.

Survival, Darwin would tell you, is achieved only by the fittest. These days, I don’t particularly feel that’s a crowd I’ve been keeping up with. But I’m getting there!

Wednesday night was nice, my bosses got into a “Gee, Steff, you’re looking so hip these days!” round of compliments when I wore my cute new top that day. Continue reading

Things I Said: Further Raided Tweets

Sadly, boys and girls, I’ve been working overtime. Six days last week. All 9+ hour days this week, plus physio, massage, and dentist appointments. Before the weekend. And don’t get me started about that.

So, I’m stretched thin. Obviously. The blog thus suffers.

Tonight’s posting, therefore, is the doesn’t-require-brainpower option of copying some of my Favrd/Favrotted Twitter comments of late for your chuckling pleasure.

Could be worse. I could just be boring the shit out of you with “Oh, woe is overtime. All that money, so little time” crap, but I have decency.

Besides, recycling is good for everybody. Without ado, then, a selection from the last week or so.


  • Ever wonder what kind of social pariah you’d be treated like if you worked as a salesperson on the Home Shopping Network?

As an effort to reduce the control commercialism has over me, I practice individuality by eating my red Smarties first.

  • Tragically, kids, we’ve reached the saddest part of the morning: Steff needs to put on clothes. You may collectively sigh now.

I’ve played Jenga drunk way too often. Walking past unfinished skyscrapers unnerves me. Continue reading