Purdy New Digs

Lookie, lookie! At long last I got rid of the intense-and-cool but hard-as-fuck-to-read black-black-black blog design.

Now, since this is one of those literary-type places, it’s all easy-to-read and simple.

I’d like to extend my gratitude to the very literary, well-written, ever-so-kind gent behind the fabulous blog www.wordshepherd.com, who gave me technical help for my stylings.

I hate HTML work. I fumble and fuck about for hours, inevitably getting it right, but through mostly error on the trial side of things. Eventually I reach aneurysm stage, so I’ve naturally avoided this for MONTHS.

But now it’s done. Thanks, Wordshepherd-dude. You da bomb for saving my pretty little noggin from internal bleeding. Nicely done!

Now go give him some hittage and read his stuff!

PLEASE NOTE: The search bar is no longer practically invisible. Have a look! I highly recommend searching my oral sex guides, since word on the web is, I did a pretty good job on ’em. :) Try The Good Girl’s Guide to Giving Great Head or The Man’s Guide to Cunnilingus. Not that you don’t know your stuff, but, really, learning is fun, no? The search function is easy, far-reaching, and good. Unfortunately, not all my stuff has been tagged and categorized, so let’s hope that’s not a problem. Have fun!

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