Keepin’ On Keepin’ On? Barely.

Today is brought to you in part by “Can’t Give a Shit” and “Hanging On By A Thread”.

I’m at the cusp of snapping. Hosting a dinner party this Saturday is probably the LAST thing my week needs, but that’s where this week is headed. It’ll be a blast of course, but Getting There is the challenge.

I’m workdays and just under three weeks away from about 10 days off, and I’ll be headed out of town for the first time in, oh, say several years. I haven’t been anywhere, really, that hasn’t been on an easy-to-get-to ferry route in about 6 or 7 years. It’s been a fuck of a few years. What can I tell you?

I’m headed to do some mountain biking in BC’s interior. Like, real mountains, and desert, and more. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but always had an excuse.

Every fucking time I’ve had a week off “to myself” in the last five years, someone or something else has completely fucked it up on me, every time. This past winter I was gonna have a nervous breakdown, my Christmas holiday was EVERYTHING to me. What happens? My dad decides to almost die. EVERY FUCKING HOLIDAY, this shit has happened.

So, finally, I’m outta here. Away.

And the thread I’m hanging onto until that day is getting barer and barer. I’m having fun, enjoying life, but it’s taking a lot out of me and I’m becoming a bit of a nervous wreck.

I suppose this is what happens when one doesn’t get out of town for a few years.

I’m kind of terrified of my vacation too, because it involves taking my bike up there, and then, you know, riding it… and attempting to make Real Mountains my bitch after a winter of having life make me its gimpy little bitch.

A lot will be proven to myself, I hope. I’ll be staying with an aunt and uncle who know how overtired and spent I am, and I suspect they’ll be catering to me in very literal terms. Lord knows I could use a little mothering for a change. Again, something to be expecte when your mother’s been dead 10 years. Someone to look after you and wash your laundry and cook and stuff? Oh, lord. Oh.

So, at the moment, this blog’s getting by, but its bloggeur is kinda barely doing the same.

Don’t be surprised if there’s some pissing and moaning over the next couple weeks, or a bit of a dearth of postings. It happens.

Just consider me a girlie who really needs to just Take Some Time. Well, the good news is, I’m about to do just that.

[huge relieved sigh]

Now back to the keepin’ on keepin’ on, ‘cos the only way I get through these two weeks is by not stopping to think about just how much I have to get through — like tonight’s poorly-timed concert with The Von Bondies. Sigh.

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