In My Happy Exhausted Place

Next Thursday is the 10th anniversary of my mother’s death. Usually, by around this time, I’m moping a bit.

Today, however… I have:

  • rearranged my living room, with Gayboy’s incredible help (a wunnerful friend of the bestest variety)
  • changed my shitty old broom closet into an awesome new food  pantry after having installed new shelves and two coats of paint
  • cleaned my basement’s storage unit out and rearranged it
  • took 8 trips up and down my four flights of stairs, always carrying stuff, several times about 30 lbs per trip
  • did the epic Ikea & Home Depot trips
  • loaded up ze new pantry

All in all, it’s been a fucking gruelling day. Non-stop, really. A couple breaks for food, but very short ones. No, not moping.

My mother would LOVE to see me doing all these stuff. I used to guilt trip her for purging things. She’d laugh her ass off that I finally “get” it.

Mom’s day will be bittersweet this year, but I’m proud of the direction I’m heading in, and that’s what’s to hang onto on nights like these.

What a fantastically accomplished day. I’m too tired to share more with you or offer anything else. But from where I sit, I got plenty. This is a good day.

Everything done today, by the way, has been a Terra Suggestion. I’ll link to her when my brain’s working again, or you can check other recent postings, which will have the Organizational Guru Called Terra listed somewhere near the bottom.

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