Rehashing The TweetStream

  • WAHOO! @catherineomega fixed all my server issues that have been cocking up my WordPress blog. I's glad I fed her. Brain fuel! #
  • WALKING AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER NOW. Must stretch, sleep, get up in 5.75 hours. Fuck. Work! Then acupuncture & a 3-day weekend. I'll live. :D #
  • Goodnight, world. #
  • Screw you and the horse ya rode in on, Morning. But since you're a Friday in disguise on what's my 3-day long weekend, you can live. #
  • Cdn SYTYCD Judge to a male dancer looking to make the finals, dancing in a Tarzan-like loincloth:

    "Only if I can borrow the dress!" #

  • RT @mr_tits_pervert Riding the new CanadaLine this morning, handing out free Starbucks coffee coupons. Look for the green apron!! #
  • My carpool calls, 6:22am. I answer, "Aww. You're not running late?" "You want me to be?" #
  • "Yeah, noon's good." #
  • Woo, off to Broadway via Canada Line from Yaletown–three minutes!! Wow. #
  • Amazing. Used to schedule 1-1.5 hrs for a workday doc's appt, and now I'll be able to do it in 35-45 min. #
  • Walk your broke ass AWAY from the bookstore, Steff. #
  • Acupuncture: How to Be a Human Pincushion, demonstration by Steff, will now be taking place in Room 201. #
  • OMG, so glad I'm busing! My acupuncturist put about 30 needles all over, and I'm relaxed but disoriented. This'll be interesting. #
  • A roadside motorcyclist's memorial near home that I'd never noticed before: #
  • iHome, iPeed, iHappy. #
  • H-o-l-y s-h-i-t! The landlord I love to hate replaced my leaky sink, & dude who did it did a beautiful job & cleaned the cupboard for me! #
  • One of my best friends just joined Twitter, yay, it's @Two_Wheeled, another of my friends-for-15-plus-year types. :) #
  • Maybe now when I wash a sink full of dishes, a puddle won't run out into the middle of my wee galley kitchen. How enthralling! #
  • Tomato salad and bread, wine. Nothing else. Too tired, lazy, and happily complacent. A damn fine night to be chilling home alone. Yay! #
  • Book + Deck + Wine = Noticing my proverbial cloud with its silver lining. Blustery from where I sit. Me likey. #
  • A nap is required before I can/will finish my glass of wine. Really, I don't mind. I'm selfless like that. #
  • [WHIRR]

    (Dustbuster roars, stops)

    (Steff stares at limp giant moth)

    "Gonna fly now? Huh? No Rocky Theme for you."

    #NotABuddhist #

  • TIP FOR MOTHS: Do NOT go gently into thy good light, even if it is a pretty stained lamp in the window, for Steff has a Dustbuster. #
  • Morning, world! I should be pissed that I'm awake at 7 on my 3-day weekend Friday morning, BUT… I fell asleep at 11 and got EIGHT hours! #
  • My Big Goal this weekend: To find some nice stretch vinyl to recover my scooter seat with. It's as tattered as my pride is riding it! #
  • YAY for action! Fuckheady The Garbage Truck Driver who BACKS UP with his alarm screeching for TWO BLOCKS prompted me to call his dispatch. #
  • I was polite but communicative, and they're gonna have a CHAT with the dude. #
  • My iPhone doesn't always come up to full brightness all the time. Disconcerting. Thinking of taking it back. I should, right? #
  • Living in the same hood as your best friend doesn't lose any coolness as time passes. 8 years & I still love @mr_tits_pervert dropping by. #
  • #Translink, your process of getting bike lockers for the #CanadaLine is about as 1982 as it gets. I have to MAIL a CHEQUE in? Really? #
  • Who has cheques anymore? How does one do this "mail" thing? Seriously, can't you hire a programmer, get an online app, & credit card/debit? #
  • The Lord of the Rings–New Zealand man finds his wedding ring at sea after 16 months. Determined! Romantic. #
  • #Vancouvertweetup SATURDAY at 5, to cycle to Rmd Night Market on the new bridge! Pls RT. #
  • Hatching a plan to make a tandoori pizza later with Turkish lamb sausage from Oyama's. Now that's some serious fusion fitting of beer. #
  • [Sending psychic vibes out to the whole of Vancouver — now is NOT a good time to take your children to Superstore, moms. Thanks!] #
  • Ooh! My juju-voodoo attempts worked, no screaming crying kids at Superstore! Note to self: Next time telepathically request hotties to shop. #
  • Gee, #FIDO, I'm sure to have a fantastic weekend now that you've fucked up, DIDN'T cancel my preauth payment, and withdrew $600 from me. #
  • ASSHATS. #
  • "We can refund it but it'll take 20+ days, by cheque." Oh? Or my BANK can take it back on Monday. ASSHATS. You don't have a COMPUTER? #
  • We now bring you to the emotional eating part of my day. All I've had is about 200 calories today, so way too much stress on empty tummy! #
  • Eggs, hash browns, bacon, and toast. What I used to consider a "good" breakfast back in my bad old fattyer days. #
  • Emotional eating, for the tummy win. #
  • Countries where women think domestic violence against them is acceptable: #
  • Yay for sunny nights. The skies are parting, as is my mood. I shall get a ride in later on, after my fat-fat-fatty breakfast settles. :) #
  • Win a new Canon 5DMKII (or $2500 Gift Cert) from @OPGear & Scott Bourne. Pls RT. Details here: #photog #
  • I haven't had a big hashbrowns-eggs-toast-bacon meal in a long time. I'm all sluggish now. Trying to get psyched to cycle in this k-rad sun. #
  • K-rad. Snicker. I wanna watch Bill & Ted or something now. DUDE. If anyone says "gnarly" to me tonight, I'm gonna fall down laughing. #
  • I am off to reckon with my fatty 3:00 breakfast, cycle the new Vancouver skytrain bridge's bike path, & soak up a little sun. Pics to come. #
  • I have a giant cow-pattern pill-shaped beanbag that's about 4-5ft round that I'll sell for $50… #
  • I've overestimated how much the clouds had parted. Some of these are opening up. Time to PEDAL soon methinks. #
  • The new skytrain has awesome hands-free cycle parking onboard. SHERRY! #
  • That was supposed to read SHWEET, but iPhone trumped me before I noticed. Sigh. #
  • Having a foodie antisocial night tonight.Gonna make an "Indian" pizza, then some fudge later. Test-batch for a party tomorrow. #
  • I've just made fudge… before dinner. Bittersweet moment. I thought this recipe died with my mother 10yrs ago, & found it 2 wks ago. :) #
  • I haven't licked one of these fudge spoons in at least 10 years. Awesome. #
  • Caramelizing onions for a first attempt at "Indian" pizza — garlic naan, tikka masala, leftover tandoori chicken, onions, peppers, feta. #
  • My tandoori-tikka masala-naan "pizza", and if it's any good, I'll post the recipe. #
  • Tandoori-masala pizza with beer, for the motherfucking win! #
  • "More," the belly demanded.

    "As you wish," said its head. #

  • My tandoori chicken pizza recipe has been posted. Hope you like it too. #
  • OMG, my brother and dad are stopping by all impromptu. WEIRD. But, okay. :) Gotta clean up. #
  • Dad's all proud I've been posting photos of bookshelves he made, on Fcbk, & people've been raving, so he wants to see how good they look. :) #
  • So I guess I'll move the book about sex off the kitchen table before Dad takes a seat in 20 minutes. WHEW. Thank god I'm tidying. #
  • Nice seeing my brother and dad for a change. We haven't been able to connect much in the last year, just an hour visit, but it was nice. #
  • My fudge was a fail — but I'm sure I blew the sugar measurements. I'll try it again tomorrow. :) #
  • My dad, a lifelong contractor, was BLOW AWAY by the "iHandy Level" app in iPhone. LOL. #
  • I'm enjoying my night. Keeping it simple, real, lazy. Is good. Nice to show my new decor to fam. Approval is fun. :) #
  • There's a feeling of an autumn come too soon on the night wind. I'm fumbling for a blanket, with the lights low. #
  • Watching Style by Jury and getting al misty eyed. I love it when the makeovered folks have a life-altering epiphany then live BOLDLY. #
  • Up early, tackling the laundry. This being-human-but-not-rich thing is a REAL DRAG when I gotta do Cinderelly shit like this. #
  • But I don't have much of it to do. :D #
  • I require nuts for fudge. I'm off to the store. Get my fudge & laundry done, then I can relax for a few hours before cycling & party. :) #
  • Making my version of the $3.95 greasy spoon breakfast. And black-as-night coffee. #
  • Nibbling my still cooking hash browns is exciting. Using "Smokey Carribean Rub" from the Edible BC Store on GranIsle, by Maple Leaf Spices. #
  • Mm, coffee, you complete me. #
  • I wish my vehicles were made by the people who make TV vehicles. Those have indestructible suspension! No one ever slows for bumps! #
  • The light is suddenly growing rich and warm. Clouds are cooperating. My place feels alive with colour. Love it. Time to write, methinks. #
  • But whatever to write about? #
  • I gotta make fudge. This song's perfect: slow-building, ends intense. Awesome. Grant Lee Buffalo for music geeks. #
  • God, I hope this works. Threw out my measuring cups in the great purge & forgot to buy. Winging the fudge: #
  • The texture is much better than yesterday's fudge attempt! Yay. Brown sugar-walnut fudge dusted with sea salt. #
  • What is it that makes eating the fudge or cookie dough from the containers they're made in so much more fun than the finished product? #
  • Nomnomnomming this pan and spoon to death. Fudge is yum. #
  • TONIGHT'S CYCLING TWEETUP IS CANCELLED as the only person who'd committed can't make it. :P #
  • Thank god, it looked like there was more left in the fudge pot than I thought. I think we'll be all right without a stomach pump after all. #
  • Oof, even that bit of fudge is too intense now that I don't eat much sugar in my old age. Holy shit. How my mother scarfed it down, I dunno. #
  • Headache. Laundry's four floors down. Folding that, then a nap. Lazy Saturday begins NOW. #
  • I love how SYTYCD Canada makes a big fuss over "why" they've chosen to look in X city. Hello? It's Canada. There's, like, 6 cities of note. #
  • Best "review" of "Fresh whole rabbit" on e-Bay,
    (orig via @colleencopick) #
  • Ooh. I was hoping I'd get 30 or so pieces of praline for the party tonight but I think there's more than 50. Yay. Here's to deceptive pans! #
  • Oh, headache, you're so stupid. #
  • I know *exactly* what my headache needs: A muscle relaxant, a brown ale, toast, and cheese. #
  • Beerdrinker, heal thyself. #
  • When someone is on transit in latex gloves, I worry. #
  • How do you fit 35 people into a 500 sq ft apartment party? Intimately. #
  • I finally kicked the unruly @hummingbird604 and @colleencoplick out of my home. Some people. :) #
  • So bacon cures hangovers, eh? Hmm. #
  • Oh, how cute. Friendster is still emailing me updates sometimes. Oh, the nostalgia one feels from visiting their "spam" box. #
  • Finally getting my kitchen cleaned after all my cooking yesterday. The migraine hit and stopped all progress. THIS is better. #
  • When walking around in flip-flops makes a sound like you've walked into a spanking parlour, you know your floors need cleaning. #
  • Not flippy-floppy so much as smacky. I blame the pralines-making. Sugar is EVERYWHERE. #
  • Dropping a glass and catching it 4" before the ground? YEAH, BABY. I've missed my calling, I should've totally been cast in The Matrix! #
  • I seem to recall once being able to write funny stuff. Time for an experiment! Can one go home again? Rather, can one go funny again? #
  • I think I've talked my world-travelling 75-year-old aunt into getting an iPhone. That will just crack me up. #
  • Very slowly getting into finishing what I started yesterday. Hydrating. Gonna take a late day bikeride. I'm jazzed. It's a good "me" Sunday. #
  • Correction: It's a fucking awesome Sunday. Is yours? 'Cos it's a choice. #
  • Grooving. Not cleaning so much as productively dancing. Bop-bop-shimmy-shimmy. #
  • The best most overplayed song ever, Lust for Life. Bop-bop shimmy-shimmy bop-bop-bop. Bop. #
  • Just cleaned my cream-coloured leather furniture for the first time in months. Gleams. Soft. Lovely. Time to stretch, chill, then ride! #
  • WOW. #Vancity ROCKS. They reversed #Fido's wrongful automatic withdrawal of nearly $600 within 24 hrs when Fido said it'd take 20 days. #
  • WAAAAY too slothlike for a bikeride. Taking a nice sunny walk around the hood instead. And finding onions, etc for burrito-making. #
  • Freaking out, lost my wallet. This wasn't the turn my day needed. Hopefully it's in @COlleenCoplick's car or @julesjulesjules' place. #
  • Sigh. No wallet with @colleencoplick and that leaves one hope. Naturally
    I lose it on the rare occasion I have WAY more than $20 in it. #
  • -Can I get a cheeseburger, no pickles, that's all, to go, please?
    -Is that everything?
    -Yeah, that's all.
    -For here?
    -To GO.

    Sigh. Service. #

  • Majorly grumpy mood now that my wallet's gone. Just didn't need this right now. Of course it'll pass but it's still shitty TONIGHT. #
  • Filling for chipotle black bean & chicken fajituritos (burrito meets fajita) I'm assembling tomorrow for lunches. #
  • Super-duper-spicy chipotle burrito filling, for the win. Tomorrow I make Spanish rice and a little fresh salsa, and put them all together. #
  • Should be about 12 burritos for about $20, with really healthy, non-processed ingredients. Easy healthy lunches for the win. #
  • In my fragile grumpy state I am embracing my inner whiny self and watching a snivelly teen drama, Save the Last Dance. And I'm okay with it. #
  • Life's difficulties always seem so much simpler when watching melodramatic teen movies where even homeroom is a catastrophe. #
  • BUTohmigodifhedoesn'tlikemeIwilljustDIEDIEDIEDIEDIEDIE. /end teen movie simulation #
  • It's been a topsy-turvy weekend; at least I still get to chill with Le Red Wall. The gift that keeps giving. #
  • The top 20 in SYTYCD Canada rock. There's about 7-8 I'm already a fan of. Yay! #

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