My Lesson for You, and A Question

This morning I’ve done my rehab exercises for the second time this week, which is the first time I’ve done them twice in a week since June. I’m aiming for a third time this weekend, and four times next week.

I disagree with a lot of folks who want you to just be positive when tackling this shit. I think it’s important to acknowledge all your shortcomings, accept where you think you’re failing, but then you gotta put that shit aside and just Get it Done. This is my method. It works for me. The soft-love approach of coddling myself and telling myself I’m worth it and I can do it, that never did much for me. Instead, I tell myself I’m better than how I’ve been behaving, that I’m stronger than that, that I owe it to myself, and that if I keep on with the destructive behaviour, the climb out of it’s just gonna get harder and harder.

I think it comes down to whatever works for you. Don’t question why it works, just do it.


I’ve tried a couple versions of Twitter-rehashing for this blog, so people could see what I’m saying. SHOULD I put it on the blog? Or not? I can’t decide, but I don’t want to piss you people off with anything that may be perceived as “filler”. Thanks!

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