Twitter Rehash for 2009-09-03

  • Hilarious Craigslist personal ad that thinks outside the box.(Thanks 4 link, @Vanguy) #
  • PRO TIP: If you have the face of a serial killer, putting CEMETERY photos on your e-dating profile is NOT going to help. Wow. #
  • NYT reports that avg low-wage worker is reg. cheated outta pay #
  • Today feels bitchy with a splash of cunt. #
  • Is or that just me? *Whatever*! #
  • Exciting! Tivo recorded the two-hour NCIS that launches the new NCIS series with Chris O’Donnell. Why do I like this show so much? Yay. #
  • Taking another half-hour to chill. There isn’t a day this week I’ll have gotten to do my typical 11am start. It’s jarring! #
  • I don’t know how you morning people do the work-by-8-all-the-time thing. #
  • A new rambling post about life and incoming-Fall and, oh, I started therapy. Joy. #
  • I get an invite for a radio show, some CBC radio reporter queries me on the street, a mag wants to interview me. What’d I do this week? #
  • Life’s weird. #
  • I can’t believe there are people who iron clothes EVERY day. #
  • What the hell do people still come into retailers in person to do bill payments for? #
  • Want chocolate or something “emotional”; ironically working on a weightloss show, & have healthy work eats. #
  • Not sure what the diff is in Starbucks’ cream choices? On the left is 24% m.f., on the right, 18%. #
  • Farmers market tomatoes!! Yum!! #
  • Mm! I has tomatoes for bruschetta decadence tomorrow night, and halibut & sunburst squash for a lovely weekend meal. Market goodness=$11. #
  • Graffiti art. Someone whited-out the word “note”, which changes things considerably. #
  • Nervously waiting to see if pralines set. Burnt walnuts; tossed’em. Used demerara sugar rather than brown. Candy thermometer fogged over. #
  • YAY! it’s setting, and I like the dark rich taste of demerara better. #
  • Dear GOD, someone END that goddamned hairpiece! Some fashion crimes oughta be mandatory reprogramming! #
  • Nice to hear so much praise for Glee, as I’m saving it for stretching/exercising in the morn. #
  • The host chick on SYTYCD Canada is so ’70s it hurts, with that hair. Charlie called, he has a job; fetch the Angels. #
  • I can’t even begin to tell you how much I LOVE Grandma Lee from #AGT! Any dirty-joke-telling 70-yr-old wins me over. Woman’s brilliant! #
  • What? Hasselhoff’s an okay singer? That’s kinda creepy. And there’s not a cheeseburger, toilet, or bath mat in sight. Huh! #
  • I am a danger to myself and to others, I swear.(No, really, don’t inform the authorities; I find they are not fluent in “satire”.) #
  • Whew! It’s a good thing I’m immortal. [wipes brow] #
  • Sept. 3rd, 2004, I almost died on my scooter in a pretty intense collision. Sept. 3rd, 2009, I buy a bus pass. Snicker. Superstitious, what? #
  • Harrowing episode of L&O SVU. Serial killer. Whew. #
  • Get me a replacement iPhone tomorrow. Whee! #
  • [ P O O F ] #

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