No Meanies Allowed!

There are bad people in this world.

Really bad.

Then there are people like this, who are just demented and cruel, who enjoy inflicting emotional pain but would never have the balls to get physical about it.

Long story short?

How it started depends on who you ask.  It escalated into frequent calls to police and personal protection orders against the Petkovs.

Besides posting disturbing photos on Facebook, the Petkov’s painted their truck with tombstones and placed a coffin in the back of the truck.  The truck was parked in front of the Rose family home.  The Petkov’s claim the truck is a decoration for Halloween.”

(From the Ron Savage report that originally broke this story wide open.)

The Petkovs are the “nasty” neighbours. The Rose family includes 7-year-old Kathleen Edward, dying of Huntington Disease, daughter to the now-dead-from-Huntington’s Laura Edward (passed at age 24), and grand-daughter to Rebecca Rose, the owner of the home in question.

Now the Petkovs apologize. Sure, now. I don’t care how it started, there’s no justification for doing that to a dying seven-year-old.

That’s nature for you.

There are people like this out there. That’s reality. In the wild, mothers sometimes eat their young. It happens: Cruelty.

But it’s not the only thing that happens.

There’s more people out there who are sickened by this behaviour than those committing it, and it’s up to you to decide which group it is that gets your attention.

For every news story like this (and it IS “news” because it’s not typical, doesn’t happen often) there are dozens of stories of small but amazing acts of kindnesses that are being randomly committed upon every landscape on earth.

We are, in general, good people. We do, on average, help when help is needed. And, because we do, it’s technically not “news” often.

Sure, we fall apathetic and get distracted in our lives, but we usually jump up when the times require us to do so.

The reality out there is, violent crime is at its lowest levels in anyone’s memories.

Personal crime seems to occur less frequently, too.

Volunteerism is escalating.

Awareness on all sorts of issues has grown astronomically.

You see what you choose to see.

You’re surrounded by what you want to be surrounded by.

When you hear about stories like this, try to remember also that there are people who will go to amazing lengths to help strangers.

Every day, little kindnesses unfold, everywhere — not just the big stories, lots of little stories.

If you think the world is worse off, then what are you doing about it?

Just complaining? Feeling depressed? Giving in to your feelings?

Shut off the news. That’s your first problem. Read the news; don’t watch it.

Then, do something. Anything.

Buy someone on the street a lunch.* Every now and then I’ve got $5 I feel like spending on someone who looks legitimately hungry, and it’s the best money I spend all day when they appreciate it and genuinely smile.

But it doesn’t make the news.

When I make small talk on transit with what seems a lonely old person, their day brightens, they smile. That doesn’t make the news. When I see a parking enforcement officer down the block and some rundown car with an expired meter and I pop a quarter in to help a seemingly unwealthy person avoid a ticket, that, too, does not make the news.

They’re little things. It doesn’t take a lot to be kind in small ways.

Brightening another person’s day can often lift YOUR mood too.

There will always be people who don’t appreciate it. Sometimes the bought lunch gets scoffed at. You can’t SEE a meth or crack addiction right off, so you never know. Maybe the old person I get talking to is totally toxic and alone for good reason. It happens.

But when it works outweighs the fails.

It keeps me believing in us.

It keeps me respecting myself.

It keeps my focus on who we can be, not who some of us have devolved into.

And that’s how I prefer to think, the way I prefer to see us.

When it comes to how we are as a society, perspective is everything. Our history hasn’t been written yet, and you are not inconsequential in how it will unfold.

Good/Bad, you see what you want to see. Be the change you want. Live the cliche.

At times like these, the saying “pick your poison” has more relevance than ever. The happy “We Can Do It” juice, or are you more a “Life Sucks and Everyone’s Mean” on-the-rocks kinda person?

Choose. Then live it.

*Get high-calorie stuff.
Homeless folk generally don't have "vegan" tendancies, FYI.
Just sayin'.
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  1. Posted October 12, 2010 at 12:50 pm | Permalink

    A few days ago, I was having trouble airing up my tire. By trouble, I mean that instead of airing it up, I accidentally let all the air out. Then, I was S.O.L. b/c even tho this station had a sucky compressor nozzle, I couldn’t drive to another station! A man sitting on the curb by the dumpster walked up and said “let me help you.” I had my doubts about this. Was he dangerous? Would he make it worse? What did he want? And you know what the answer to these questions were? No, no, he wanted to help ME. And he did. He refused to take anything in return, telling me he would feel better all day knowing I could drive my car. Makes me kinda teary even now.

    • Posted October 12, 2010 at 12:57 pm | Permalink

      Exactly! Once the screw in my eyeglasses fell out on a city sidewalk. Know how small they are? I was pretty broke, shops were closed, night was falling, rain was starting, and I had to ride my scooter home, and I needed my glasses.

      A homeless guy got on his knees with me, we spent 5 minutes looking, and he found it, and I’ve NEVER seen a guy so happy as THAT, like achieving that was the best thing to happen all week.

      I could only give him $5, but it took some doing — he was homeless and didn’t want my money! Stereotypes are wrong. Sometimes they’re motivated to be kind, too, and it’s not about the money. In the end, he took it, and I was glad. Goodness rocks.

  2. Posted October 12, 2010 at 6:08 pm | Permalink

    Yes, times a hundred.

    * I typically grab high-protein, high-fat food. It’s cheaper, so you can buy more for $5, and it takes longer to break down in the body, in addition to being fairly heavy-feeling. My go-to: fried chicken with a side of creamy pasta from Safeway.
    Zoeyjane´s last [type] ..Day 12 – Laughable

  3. Posted October 12, 2010 at 6:08 pm | Permalink

    You hit the nail on the head — the good stuff doesn’t make the news. Reminds me of the time my grandmother was freaking out because my dad was going to Israel for a conference. She thought terrorist bombs were going off on every street corner. I said, “Grandma, they don’t show you all the peaceful street corners on the news.” It’s good to keep it in perspective (although what I said failed to convince her not to worry).
    Leslie´s last [type] ..Heartbroken

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