Vote or Shut the Fuck Up

Tomorrow is election day.

Civic elections affect your life on a day-to-day basis more than any other election can. What you pay for parking, for taxes, the education your kids receive, the hours night clubs are open for, who can sell booze, what parades happen, the number of parks in the city, where people can smoke, the homelessness you see, where your dog can play, and more — these are just some of issues you get to have a voice in tomorrow.

So, vote.

If you don’t vote, then shut the fuck up, because you get your chance to DO SOMETHING about it. If whining is all you want to do, then don’t bother.

Approximately 70% of Vancouver’s registered voters couldn’t be bothered to turn up in 2008.

This city has serious issues, and we need a majority of our voters to show up in polls and vote so we have some semblance of unity (and a mandate) as we move ahead to solve those problems.

If you don’t vote, then you can keep your mouth shut about your complaints, because I think I’m not alone when I say THAT voice of yours doesn’t matter. We need proactive people. We need a citizenry who gives a shit about where they live, who contributes to the mandate of where it’s going, and who feels entitled to have a say in the decisions made from the top down. We need solutions and we need discussions.

A ballot changes lives. Use it. Cast your vote on Saturday, November 19th.

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