And Then It Was Friday: A Journal Entry

This is one of the longest Facebook status updates I’ve written in some time and it really is a stream-of-thought posting that sums up my day perfectly. And I thought, what the hell, I’ll share it with you as well. Happy Friday.

If you’re new here, and for some reason new people keep appearing, know that I have moved to a whole new town, on an island, going from big-city Vancouver life to a town literally 1/10th its size, where I work at home and shaved about 60 hours a month bus commuting off my life. Every day is a new experience right now. So, read on.

Relaxing. Had a great day. Let me share it with you.

Worked a bit, called it a short day on Account Of Sun. Complimented by the boss on my quality this week. Nice to hear I’m awesome when I think I am, for a change. Validation AND self-awareness is a nice double-dip.

Gussied up for a day of cycling. Saw the chiropractor. Became well-adjusted.

Cycled back to James Bay from a little beyond Quadra Village, with many detours and stops along the way, from thrift shops to already-favourite food haunts.

Met James, the big scary-looking West Indian owner of the Caribbean Bakery & Cafe, who turned out to be warm-hearted, friendly, and shook my hand and made me belly-laugh. I bought his banana bread, and it blew my mind. More to enjoy later. Mm. Butter and chocolate. That’ll be a rare treat.

Discovered a much-less-pretentious bakery than Fol Epi, whose name escapes me, on Quadra & Pandora, for a tasty sour-good ciabatta loaf.

Talked to a bunch of artisans hawking their wares in Bastion Square. Had some musicians chat me up. Rode through some of downtown, just absorbing and memorizing where things are.

Cycled along the water to Fisherman’s Wharf. Joked with tourists as I got pictures of harbour seals jumping up to eat the tourists’ dangling overpriced fish. Smart seals.

Checked out the in-port cruise ship at Ogden Point. Had a snack and a suntan at Holland Point Beach. Talked to a few locals about how winter seems it blew on through on Wednesday and Thursday, with all those whitecaps and gusts.

Then home.

And people were worried I’d be “isolated” over here. Okay. Let’s see how that works out.

What an excellent day. Welcome, summer. Welcome, welcome, welcome.

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