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Smells Like Sexism, Playtex

It’s been pointed out to me that the wipes discussed below are aimed at both sexes, which I already knew, but since I’m used to advertising telling me my vagina is foul, I’ll leave it up to boys to defend themselves. *** What fresh, steamy hell is this? I’ll give you a clue: It ain’t lavender-scented, […]
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Apartment Hunting Just Got Easy: Padmapper

Well, it’s all coming down. Another 10 days, and I can start looking in earnest for March 1st rentals in Victoria. Holy choices-to-make, Batman! Here’s what I know. I know roughly where I want to live. And while I’m working from home, I want to be less than 15 minutes’ walk to my local gym, […]
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So, Uh, About That Tree…

Yeah, okay, guilty. I’m that asshole who put her tree up on November 29th and made you feel like a totally unorganized idiot, or like I’m part of the conspiracy to make Christmas encroach further into our lives. But I say NAY. NAY, it is not encroaching! I don’t know when it started, but for a […]
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Occupy This, Wall Street

In 2008, my friend bought me an Obama shirt as a New Orleans souvenir. I was definitely an Obama fan but I’ve never been one for political worship. You show me a politician, I’ll show you someone who makes compromise a lifestyle — Obama or otherwise. Not that all compromise is bad, but sometimes you […]
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The Media Is Dead To Me

For three weeks, protests have been gaining steam in New York City, and spreading across America. People are realizing they’re angry, and hey, so’s the next guy. They’re seeing their way of life evaporate. Gone is the way I grew up, the life I knew, and I’m Canadian. Americans have it worse. Middle class? Buh-bye, […]
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Fuck You, Hollywood.

We’re witnessing the end of an empire at the box office. Sex and the City 2 is lying there like a dead fish, with all the appeal of a used-up 45-year-old prostitute after a night of chasing 8-balls with gin after running the line for a sex-train at a frat party. Naturally, Hollywood is CONVINCED it’s […]
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