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The Zen of Living in a Nice World: My Writing

Hey, guys. So, I write more a month, I suspect, over at Build Direct’s decorating blog more than I write here. But I want to share with you all the writings I’ve done in the last three months. Click the links below for more. And a word to the wise? Those of us who blog commercially […]
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What In The Hell Does THIS Button Do?

Geez. New technology around the home is such a love-hate thing. It’s so wonky adjusting to new things. I remember the old days of the ‘70s, when you’d walk into someone’s home, there was ONE TV, if any, and that TV had a few dials and knobs you could turn, and that’s that. [click] Picture. […]
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My Recent Decor Blogging: Links

As you may already know, I’ve had a little blogging stint over at Here are the blog posts I’ve done in the last few weeks: Rethinking Storage: A Personal Story A material age presents a lot of space-making challenges. Where do we put all that stuff when urban dwellings are shrinking? Just last week, a […]
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I HAVE A HAMMER, Therefore I DIY Blog

HEY, people. You know what I haven’t told you yet? I’m blogging over at BUILD DIRECT, your building supply geniuses on the web. There, you’ll find me doing home improvement and DIY blogs on a whole range of topics. If you like the content on the following posts, please comment on the Build Direct blog, not […]
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