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Let’s Talk Mental Health: Life after Depression, My Story

Today is #BellLetsTalk day in Canada. It’s an initiative by Bell Media to get Canadians talking about mental health. Use of the hashtag on Twitter results in 5 cents per tweet getting donated to mental health awareness by Bell, but the tweet needn’t be about mental health to count. Tweeting about a donut? Tag that. This […]
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Turning the Light On

For weeks, if not months, I have felt like I’ve been sleepwalking. Recently, my sleep began reverting to the horrible insomniac ways that preceded my leaving Vancouver. I found myself moody, tense, and dragging my ass through my day. I’ve felt like I’ve been in a wet paper bag, slogging through each day and never […]
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Breathe, Grasshopper.

I tend to see patterns in life, from time to time. These days, there are a few things cropping up here and there, all through my rehab, and it’s starting to echo in other aspects of life, but I’ll spare you the excess drama there. One is the idea of ending the crazy by focusing on the […]
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RIP, Isabelle Caro. Damn you, Anorexia.

Isabelle Caro passed away a month ago, but it’s only being reported now. You likely know her… she’s become the face of what we perceive anorexia as. Here’s a disturbing photo array. I want us to remember her for her bravery in speaking out against an industry that virtually encourages anorexia, even now. Remember her for […]
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Building Blocks: Mastering Less as More

It’s been a long week and you’re probably wondering how it went, given my dreaded Month of Suck admission last week. I’ve spent this past week slowly recalibrating myself, lowering my expectations, ditching my guilt, and focusing on the individual steps to take rather than being overwhelmed by the bigness of my journey… And it’s been […]
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Bouncing Back from The Month of Suck

If you enjoy this, or any of my posts, please hit the “like” button at the bottom, because sharing it on Facebook helps me get readers, which is kind of the point. Thank you for your support! October was My Month of Suck. Things went badly at the end — personally, financially, physically, spiritually. Times like […]
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