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And Then it Was 2013

I’m one of those “13’s my lucky number” people. Friday the 13th? I find my lucky socks and rock that shit out. So you know I’m keen on the year. Bring it. Good fortune, good times. I’m readying myself for it all. Right now, I’ve got Tom Waits’ Rain Dogs CD blasting as I take a breather […]
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Turning the Light On

For weeks, if not months, I have felt like I’ve been sleepwalking. Recently, my sleep began reverting to the horrible insomniac ways that preceded my leaving Vancouver. I found myself moody, tense, and dragging my ass through my day. I’ve felt like I’ve been in a wet paper bag, slogging through each day and never […]
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I Resolve Not To Make Resolutions. Or Do I?

It’s a New Year! Time for a new YOU! Rah-rah-rah! Buy this, do that, be this! Go, go, go! Team awesome, here we come! Resolutions for EVERYONE! HURRAY! Holy shit. Are you ready to punch someone yet? You could include it in your exercise accounting. “Punched out Bob. 15 calories.” I’m not paying attention to […]
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A Big Thinky Post About Not Thinking

They say these early days in the new year are among the most depressing. Mental, emotional, financial hangovers from the holidays, and even the “bottom of the hill looking up” perspective of the year to come — tons of factors affect our moody new year days. This morning, it’s nearly 8:30 and should be lighter than […]
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What I’ve Learned Slowly in Life & Writing

They don’t tell you that knowing who you are isn’t enough. They don’t teach you that having a sense of identity doesn’t equal understanding how that identity fits into society. They don’t say that loving what you’re gifted in doesn’t mean you’ll ever be able to make a living at it, or even that you’ll […]
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Better-Faster-Stronger Steff, Day 1

If ever someone’s mentality was built for Kicking Ass and Taking Names, it’s mine. On the outside, however, I’m more of a tribute to the StayPuft Marshmallow Man. Inside, I’m G.I. Jane (with better writing). Starting now, it’s onto Mission: Outside-Matching-In. I’ve managed to snooker a personal trainer who’s willing to make me into G.I. Jane–Librarian. […]
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