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Smells Like Sexism, Playtex

It’s been pointed out to me that the wipes discussed below are aimed at both sexes, which I already knew, but since I’m used to advertising telling me my vagina is foul, I’ll leave it up to boys to defend themselves. *** What fresh, steamy hell is this? I’ll give you a clue: It ain’t lavender-scented, […]
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6 Decembre 1989: Remembering a Formative Tragedy

I was 16 on December 6th, 1989, when gunman Marc Lepine stormed into Montreal’s Ecole Polytechnique, an engineering school. When the blood had spilled and screams for the 14 dead women faded into muffled tears, it was found that the gunman had left a note explaining his actions — he’d wanted to kill feminists for […]
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RANT: You Think You’re A Feminist?

I can’t stand elitism. I can’t stand the “we’re better than you” mentality. And I sure as fuck can’t stand when someone’s got to get their hate on just to get ahead. A particular blog post from someone in the sex blogging community is ridiculously sexist and moronic in its simplicity, in my opinion. Because I […]
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The Museum of Penis

I'm unlikely to ever, ever be interested in the Museum of Sex if it's going to be this misogynistic before I even put foot in the door. I mean, if there was a woman anywhere on this creative team, I'll eat my bra. And it has an underwire!
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Ixnay the Equilatay, Eh? Second thought, pass the mickey.

Oh, god. I was so wrong about how my night would unfold. I think I’m still drunk. It was 4:20 pm when I decided to just randomly text GayBoy. Our exchange went like this: “We should get drunk this weekend.“ “Should we? What do you suggest?“ “I hear alcohol works.“ “People do say that. What type?“ “I’m […]
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You asked? Some thoughts on “cuckolding”

I was asked a while back what my take on cuckolding is. I didn’t ask what the reader’s interpretation of the word is, but there’s a historical definition of it meaning that the male in a relationship is faithful while the woman can do whatever or whomever she likes. It’s, I guess, a sample of […]
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