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Everything is Stupid: A Rant from the Edge of Pathos

I’m currently stuck in that place between hating everyone and thinking I’m too brilliant to be in gen-pop. There are no sharp objects on my desk today. This is good. I’d be all Hulk-smashing the shit out of everything if only I could give enough of a fuck to do so. It’s that double-edged sword of anger […]
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Notes On A Good Week

I’m supposed to be working this weekend, finishing off the cookbook I’ve long promised everyone, but life interfered and I got tired of saying no to life. So I said yes for a bit. Family arrived in town, my cousin I haven’t see in 25 years. He brought his daughter, who I’d never met before, and […]
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All The Fucks I Give: The Hypocrisy of Self-Censoring

I have a new rant you can go and read over on Medium. How are you fine folks? Have you signed up for my newsletter? Might wanna do that too. (Click newsletter above or follow the link on my Medium rant.) Party on, people.
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Unmerciful World: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Us, & The Scourge of Addiction

I was rocked to my core with news of one of my favourite actors’ death this morning. Gutted. And I have been meaning to begin writing on Medium, where it’s easier to attract a new audience. For the first time in a long time, I was really inspired to write. 2.5 hours later, I had […]
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Depressions, Anxiety, and Their Link to Head Trauma

This is getting to be an annual thing for me. It’s #BellLetsTalk day today, so once again I’ll roll out the mat for my battle with depression. I’ve learned a lot more about head injuries in the last couple of years and I just wanted to drop in and make sure I tell you a […]
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Once, There Were Lepers: Something to Read

Over on my other blog about life here in Victoria, I’ve written a posting about a little-known leper colony where racism lived and Chinese immigrants died. It’ll be getting cross-posted by the Huffington Post this week, but why wait to read it there when you can read it now? Click here to travel there. Thanks!
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