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The Heal Thy Steff Plan: The Victoria Model v2.0

I try to learn life lessons where I can, but I’m not sure what to glean from spending $95 on a massage, then sleeping on my arm wrong. Sometimes, maybe there isn’t a lesson. Sometimes, maybe life’s just stupid. Ignoring the “Oops, I did it again” sleep and all, the massage was awesome. I’m still in […]
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Holy World of Hurt, Batman! Round Deux Begins.

I am NOT keen about this. Let’s say THAT right now. Shortly: Round two of IMS. That’s intramuscular stimulation. Which is, you know, a fancy way of saying STICKING NEEDLES INTO THE SUCKIEST PART OF YOUR SUCKIEST MUSCLES and wriggling it around until a contraction is forced. BOOM, muscle tension be gone. Know that saying “No pain, no […]
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A Journally Thing: Of Clean Houses and Sore Backs

So, things are in new places and places are in new things. Whoa. Feeling a little Seuss-y there for a moment. Mornin’, kids. I had me a long weekend, and it was good. I’ve had so many weekends of trying to get somewhere new around my home, and it’s never really worked, despite getting the […]
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The Desire to be Spent

It’s before 7 on a Saturday morning. The naive plan was, I’d get up and go swimming. I’m up. My body tells me I’m a fucking fool. Sleep, it says. So, I’m going to. I’ll go back to bed in a few. And I’m all right with that. The reality is, though, that I’m starting to realize […]
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Doctor, Doctor, Gimme the News

Sex, even mere hanky-panky, is a workout. All that squirming and groping and thrusting makes your whole body (if you’re doing it right) tense and flex. Maybe even throb a little. Injuries can happen in sex. Hell, people die shagging when their hearts give out. From orgasm to aneurysm, just like that.
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How to REALLY Do Kegels: Things I’ve Learned In Rehab

PLEASE READ THE COMMENT DISCUSSION ON THIS POSTING, SINCE THERE ARE VALID CONCERNS BEFORE FOLLOWING ANYTHING IN THIS POSTING. Let me be perfectly clear: This is NOT a posting about how to heal back pain. This remedy is for MY back pain, conjured after a few hours of one-on-one time with a physiotherapist who took […]
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