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A “Hello, How Are You?” Kind of Day

I feel like the change I’ve sought is finally starting to happen. The gears are shifting, things are falling nicely into place, money is sorting out, my body’s pain is settling down, and I’m even starting to feel like a “local” here. It’s a big week for me, always is. Mother’s Day. It always approaches […]
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Occupy This, Wall Street

In 2008, my friend bought me an Obama shirt as a New Orleans souvenir. I was definitely an Obama fan but I’ve never been one for political worship. You show me a politician, I’ll show you someone who makes compromise a lifestyle — Obama or otherwise. Not that all compromise is bad, but sometimes you […]
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Why are Western Riots Happening?

Russell Brand has been surprising me of late, specifically in his writings about Amy Winehouse and now his opinion piece in The Guardian about the London Riots. I feel I have to take him much more seriously than I have been. His piece on the London Riots is bang-on. More so than most erudite intellectuals in […]
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Anticipating Autumn

Fall has landed. It’s the first night I’ve had to close my windows all but a crack. Soon I expect the radiator will be turned on and will spend the next several weeks climbing in temperatures as the climate closes in on winter. It’s the first day I’ve been funny in the morning in a […]
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Ratcheting It Up After a Slow Afternoon

Yesterday I cycled 42 kilometres. That’s the fifth time I’ve ever bested 40km in a day. It felt pretty awesome, because it’s the first time out of all those times that I managed to Finish Strong. Fitness, for me, isn’t just about health. It’s about proving things to myself. It’s about saying now that “That […]
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Jumping into the Darkness

Before you read on: I know you MEAN well, but don’t give me life advice right now. You have about 3% of the information you need in order to offer specific-to-me insight. If you’re a friend of mine in REAL life, please talk to me over a beer. If you only know me online, I love […]
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