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The Zen of Landing Badly

I recently had a reminder that asphalt ain’t good eatin’. I can’t play the victim card here. I fucked up. All my fault, 100% dumb-ass coming your way. I knew I was cutting it close between an intersection curb and a truck waiting for the light, and foolishly tried to ride through anyhow. Handlebar whacks mirror, […]
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The Will to Write: My Story

On Twitter, I just described the sound float-planes make as “They sound like a riding lawnmower mated with a drunk bee.” It’s not the greatest thing ever, but for the first time in a while, I wanted to describe something, and it came out the way I was thinking it. You think that SOUNDS like a […]
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The Creativity Conundrum

“Either it’ll move me or it’ll move right through me.” - Gordon Downie Lately, life dictates that I consider my creative avenues and where my priorities lie, like anyone who choses a creative life to pursue. The “money” route is easier. Always is. Paying rent’s so rewarding, never mind buying food. But I was raised […]
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Extreme Writing 101: Scab-picking

The phrase “Physician, heal thyself,” is meant to be a dry poke at the medical profession. You may be god-like, but you can’t fix yourself. “Writer, heal thyself,” however, isn’t a poke, it’s a goal. In talking with a friend over dinner last night, I likened writing to the extreme sports of the artistic world. No […]
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So, How’d I Lose 70 Pounds? MY Weight-Loss Secret.

THIS POSTING’S DEDICATED TO ANYONE WHO THINKS THEY’RE STUCK BEING FAT. It’s not all hand-holding and gentle. I cut through the bullshit. You want your reality check? Start here. Oh, and I’m not selling a fuckin’ thing. I’m just trying to help you do what I’ve done, because it’s WORTH it. I get a lot of […]
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Whip Me, Beat Me, Slap Me – Just Don’t Judge Me

While all the good little people were out getting in touch with their god of choice, I was having a lovely Sunday morning watching a BDSM fairytale, Secretary. I’ve been meaning to see Secretary since its release in 2002, as I’ve been a lifelong fan of James Spader ever since I loved hating him in […]
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