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The Heal Thy Steff Plan: The Victoria Model v2.0

I try to learn life lessons where I can, but I’m not sure what to glean from spending $95 on a massage, then sleeping on my arm wrong. Sometimes, maybe there isn’t a lesson. Sometimes, maybe life’s just stupid. Ignoring the “Oops, I did it again” sleep and all, the massage was awesome. I’m still in […]
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Riding the Wave: Back at It

It’s been a day filled with plumbing excitement. I returned home last evening to find some other tenant’s mystery filth backed up in my bathroom sink. 18 hours later, it’s as good as new, and was even cleaned by the handyman. A year ago, I’d be waiting for a couple days or more, since, hey, […]
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Building Blocks: Mastering Less as More

It’s been a long week and you’re probably wondering how it went, given my dreaded Month of Suck admission last week. I’ve spent this past week slowly recalibrating myself, lowering my expectations, ditching my guilt, and focusing on the individual steps to take rather than being overwhelmed by the bigness of my journey… And it’s been […]
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Ratcheting It Up After a Slow Afternoon

Yesterday I cycled 42 kilometres. That’s the fifth time I’ve ever bested 40km in a day. It felt pretty awesome, because it’s the first time out of all those times that I managed to Finish Strong. Fitness, for me, isn’t just about health. It’s about proving things to myself. It’s about saying now that “That […]
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I started the Bonus Resolution plan for FREE and I get a whole extra month of kicking ass and taking names! My 2010 started on December 1st! It’s the Olympic year in Vancouver, you know. “Citius. Altius. Fortius.” Faster. Higher. Stronger. Considering a couple years ago I weighed 65 pounds more, couldn’t run a block, […]
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In Vino Veritas: I Fucking Rocked It

I had wanted to post this on Monday morning, having written it Sunday morning, but was having issues with getting footnoting working with this template of mine. And since the footnotes are where all the “funny” is in this posting, I wanted them working. Here you go! Finally. It’s 5:05am. I’m not really drunk anymore, […]
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