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No Fatties: The Ethic of Funny

People urge me to try stand-up comedy. A natural, they call me. A funny girl. And, hey, they’re right. What, it’s wrong I should know I’m funny? I shouldn’t acknowledge it? Right, like I’ve spent my life cracking jokes so I can play the fool now. Jokes are hard. Funny is tough. Humour’s a fine line. I pride […]
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The Top Five Reasons to Lose Weight in a Recession

As you may or may not know, I’ve lost 75 pounds and replaced my wardrobe completely at least four times now over the last 20 months, as the economy has slid deeper and deeper and the sales grown far more vast and everpresent. Being a lowly writer-type girl who works to live rather than lives […]
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Woe is You? Oh, ho! Woe is US!

I’m giving a few people a stay of execution on Twitter. Soon, the unfollows will commence, as I seek to find new folks to fill my ADHD hours with. Who’s in danger of getting the axe? Anyone who keeps whining. See, I’ll bitch. Bitching’s good. I encourage rants and bitching. I even encourage being argumentative and […]
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7 More Things You Maybe Didn’t Know About Me

I got tagged for this meme for a second time, this time by JamieLD. The first time was here. And why not just brush it off and say “But I did it already?” Huh? Why? Well, I’ll tell you. ‘Cos, like, there ARE 14 things about me you don’t know. How do ya like them apples? […]
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A Strange Piece About Rockstar, Writing, and Small Children

It’s Rockstar night again. Elimination. Starts in a few. I pick Patrice. I think Storm gets a shakeup. I cannot tell you how much I weirdly relate to this show. I don’t know why. I just want to be in that situation where I get chosen, you know? But this is one of those rare […]
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Finally! Armageddon! Bring it on, Motherfucker!

“Welcome. May I take your order, please?” “Sure! I’ll have a half-order of debauchery, two orders of ethical abandonment, four simultaneous orgasms, a complete absence of scruples, and a double-chocolate shake, please. That’ll hold me over till four. What time’s your drive-thru open till?” “That all depends on the shelling, and the heavy barrage of bullshit […]
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