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Oh, The Hypocrisy

It’s strange how hypocritical and blind people can become to their own actions. It’s also weird how it’s things like the launch of a new social site that can spur them on to being their worst person. This time, I speak of the recent embiggening of the fledging social network Ello. The short of it […]
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Why I’m Not Religious

This article from Scientific American frustrates me a little because it’s about interesting topics, but they only skate the surface and it sounds more like conjecture than a supportable argument. But it raises an interesting point. There is a lot of judgment out there against atheists. There’s this deluded impression, I’ve found, that being religious […]
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The Dark Lord versus Perez Hilton: Bullying

I never thought I’d type these words: I’m with Lord Voldemort. But there you have it. On Twitter, I luckily caught the retweet of this pretty perfect comment of @Lord_Voldemort7’s tirade against the hypocrisy of PEREZ HILTON having the fucking audacity to lead a campaign against bullying, despite it being started by the well-intentioned Dan Savage. […]
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RANT: Labels Kill Sexuality

Four years ago I wrote a posting about cheating and in it I had a little rant about being called an “older woman” by the letter-writer when I was only 32. The posting is here, and today I deleted a comment that referred to the rant-within-the-posting with this comment that I’ve chosen to delete for […]
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Can I Get an “Amen”?

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AIDS: Another Rant Against the Bush-League

First off, a big thank you to the cute blonde across the way who keeps wandering around in boxers and no shirt. Love those pecs. Welcome to the neighbourhood, neighbour. Kindness… With Strings If you attach conditions to kindness, it doesn’t seem to be so much that it’s humanitarianism you’re after, y’know? So, it was […]
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