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The Museum of Penis

I'm unlikely to ever, ever be interested in the Museum of Sex if it's going to be this misogynistic before I even put foot in the door. I mean, if there was a woman anywhere on this creative team, I'll eat my bra. And it has an underwire!
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Sextoy Review! The GIGI “Pleasure Object” by LELO

My good friends at VibeReview sent me some pretty toys earlier this month, and the one I couldn’t wait to get playing with first was this beautiful toy pictured here. The Gigi Pleasure Object could also have another name: “Your New Best Friend.” This thing is to sex toys what the iPOD is to music. […]
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Sex Toy Review: The Remote Controlled Egg

(Fun for everyone! I forgot that I have a few things in my stores I can post, like this review:) You know I’m a fan of voyeurism, but sometimes the best voyeurism is the one where no one even knows what’s going down. An egg, an itty-bitty harmless egg came in my mail lately, and while […]
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Figleaf Answers Q’s on Male Masturbation

Figleaf was kind enough to look over all the questions posed by women in regards to male masturbation of late, and compiled a hefty response for y’all. I enjoy Fig’s site a lot since it offers a lot of what I enjoy to read: Intelligent discussion about sex. It’s a nifty thing to have him guesting […]
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Hey, Got A Cam? Cybersex and Masturbation.

show me ur tits. squeeze em. oh, yah, baby. ur so hot. hard now. Ah, the internet: Where the flame of romance never dies. I’ve been talking about masturbation for the last 10 days or so. How can I possibly ignore cybersex? The butt of many jokes, cybersex is still vastly overlooked for its potential to destroy […]
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Male Masturbation

On second thought, if I can’t post for a couple days, let’s get the ball rolling on the topic of male masturbation. Obviously, being female, I can’t really input a lot on this topic, so I need reader help. I’ll have a fabulous guest writer for this main posting, so let’s see if we can […]
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