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Add Another Voice to the Fray

For everything I’ve published this week, four have gone into the depths, filed under lock and key, not fit for sharing. Too personal, too exploratory, too unconnected, too any-number-of-things. A lot of what I batted around regards my relationship with sex: Where it’s been, where it went, why it changed, why it matters, what it […]
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A Frank Posting about Giving Head

I refused to give my “partner” head last weekend. This came as a shock. Having been somewhat drunk on good red wine, I had a good excuse. Truth is, it was an excuse. Somehow, in all my writing, I’ve apparently made it sound like sitting around with a penis in my mouth is about the […]
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On Oral, A Reader Asks: Can I Really Tease Her For More Than An Hour?

some days are clean slates, just waiting for some input, a spark, a suggestion. some days are lazy days of slack, and on such a day, it’s nice to receive a great email from a snazzy reader, especially when it’s something worth spending a little time writing on. if you have something you think i […]
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Doing My Bit to Curb Surplus Forests

One of the things about suddenly becoming single — in the midst of a harrowing depression — is that I tend to begin to neglect myself. I ran out of hair removal stuff about six weeks ago and have continuously forgotten to buy it every time I’m in a drug store. Finally, yesterday, I remembered. […]
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Getting Nailed

I aspire to write something good today, but for now my head’s in other spaces. This morning’s just getting started after one of my best sleeps in months. I’ve been so tired so long I’ve forgotten what good sleeps felt like. Fucking awesome is what they feel like. Watching Weeds this morning, and it’s a great […]
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All About Oral: Odor, Etiquette, and Why Some Women Don’t Want It

So, I received an interesting email recently, and the reader had this to ask: I was wondering what your opinion is on oral sex etiquette. For guys AND girls, is one obliged to kiss someone who just finished going down on you? If your partner doesn’t feel like swallowing, what should he do about his come? Personally, […]
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