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Just Like a Cloudy Sunrise

Many a day this winter I have woken to find a cloudy morning outside the glass. I’ll get up anyhow, resolved to walk the shore, and moments later I’m in pants, toque, and a jacket, out the door. Living by the ocean is a gift most of us in this area cherish, but we have to live […]
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The Unfogging

People talk about “clarity.” “Oh, I gained clarity.” Sometimes I’ve said it. Sounds pompous, though. Change a word and it’s “Oh, I gained weight.” Gained clarity? Did you eat a crystal ball for lunch? How’s THAT work, eh? Tonight, I’m experiencing unfogging. Not clarity, just unfogging. Don’t know quite what I’m seeing, but it’ll sort out, and quick. […]
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End-of-Coffee Ponderings

The sun is shining. It’s disconcerting. A tease. More rain lands on Sunday, if not before. Vancouver’s in the throes of one of its wettest, coldest, greyest springs in recent history. I’ve not worn shorts once this year. I haven’t even entertained the thought of planting basil yet. Today, most of the tech community will convene […]
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What to Learn from Unemployment

I woke up with a smile this morning. I woke up unemployed. It’s not permanent… yet. They have three months to hire me back. If they can’t, I get severance then. If they do, tickety-boo.  Just not for a while, please. I’m so fuckin’ tired from runnin’ so fuckin’ long. I need to stop. I […]
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Getting Philosophical as a Birthday Looms

"I commented to a friend once that I'd love to have the trappings of success, but could never live in the trap of success."
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In The Wake of the Storm: Thoughts on Life

It’s the weeks where we feel beaten down before Monday begins that are the hardest to face, eh? This morning’s rife with the turmoil of a good Pacific storm. A lot of wind and rain. As is usually the case, a good windstorm means a blue sky’s on its heels. I literally see both from my […]
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