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Dear Reader: Go Fuck Yourself

A reader wrote: Late at night your long-time female partner believes you are alseep and commences to masturbate right there beside you in the cot. The unmistakable sound of her arousal soon has e breathing heavy, but she’s concentrating so hard she thinks it is snoring coming from my side of the bed. What should a man […]
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Getting Stiffed By the Stiffy & Happy Birthday to Me

I’m 32 today, folks. That being the case, I’m a little busy being busy and birthdayish for the next couple of days. YAY me. I wrote this posting over on NYHotties for you kids to read in answer to LabBoy’s question about the “five-minute” rule — you know, how guys tend to blow their wad the […]
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You asked? Cock Rings

Chelsea Girl requested that I address the issue of cock rings. So, here goes. Once upon a time, in Middle Earth, a Hobbit named Frodo went on a quest to destroy the One Ring that would rule them all… Err. Well. Okay, different ring. A cock ring is a blood-flow restrictor for the penis. Cock rings […]
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Harrass this, you PC bastards

When I recently whored myself for more topics, Grover Flanagan asked this: Ooh! Ooh! I’ve got one! A new girl just started at work. She’s either as tall or just a bit taller than I am, cute as hell, and built like a brick house. (what a winning hand!) I’ve introduced myself, but have no idea […]
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Reader Conundrum: The 30+ Year-Old Virgin

I had an email from a woman who wanted to remain anonymous. “So how is the world with a virgin on the other side of 30? How virgin you may ask? Too! I haven’t even had a kiss since highschool so.… Am I going to end up a lost cause? I don’t even know how […]
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The Young Woman’s Guide to Getting Over Herself

This was a posting over at www.NYHotties.com by yours truly. The blog owner there is Alexa, so this was a letter sent to Alexa, and Alexa asked me to answer it for her: Hi, I’m Steff, and I’ll be your cruise director tonight. I’m a Canadian girl, born & raised in Vancouver, and I run a […]
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