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Everything is Stupid: A Rant from the Edge of Pathos

I’m currently stuck in that place between hating everyone and thinking I’m too brilliant to be in gen-pop. There are no sharp objects on my desk today. This is good. I’d be all Hulk-smashing the shit out of everything if only I could give enough of a fuck to do so. It’s that double-edged sword of anger […]
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Of Bloggers And Trolls: Oh, My!

Sometimes all it takes to get back into writing is to sit down and do it. Got a comment this morning that I promptly deleted, since I’m just getting too old for that shit. If you want to call me out objectively on anything I’ve written, step right up, my friend. Let’s have a beer and chew […]
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Mental Health: In Which Steff Calls a Spade a Spade

A couple months ago, I proposed to talk about writing for therapy, how to kinda “go there”, via blogging. The conference was yesterday. It was an “unconference” put on by end-patients and people who work on the peripheries of mental care. Why did I want to get involved? For a million reasons. I’ll get to […]
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RANT: Can I *JUST* Talk?

It’s worth reading the note at the end of this if you really ARE in my life, because what I want online versus from people in the flesh are very different. Thanks. This morning I’m feeling a bit hamstrung by the life I’ve carved for myself. I know even saying this is going to ruffle […]
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RANT: Guilt-Tripping: What Friends Don’t Do

I had a classic big ol’ Twitter fight with an insensitive fuckwit last night, who I haven’t blocked because I’m not in Grade 5 anymore, but it basically came down to me saying, “No, I’m not coming out because I need some time to myself.” Long story short: I’ve been up at 5 the last […]
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Miss California: The Boobs Are on the Job

I had to doublecheck my old-school calendar just now. Holy fuck, it really is 2009. Who knew? Clearly not the folks running the Miss California Pageant. Yeah, Miss California. You remember her? Perez Hilton went all “oh, no you didn’t [SNAP]” as a result of the ass-backward beauty’s anti-gay marriage stance she posited while she grinned […]
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