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Valentine’s Day: All My Thoughts

Valentine’s day looms and I’ve deftly avoided the topic by not posting new stuff lately. Brilliant! But I guess it’s time for my annual rant against the Big Machine and the perpetuation of the belief that, hey, if it’s love, it’s worth going broke for. I know men buy gifts because they feel obligated. I know […]
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The Daunting Power of Love

Our young protagonist, involved in an unlikely affair with a considerably older woman, one that all outsiders would state an “obvious fail”, just shrugs at his dubious confronters and says, “I know what I’m doing. I’ll be all right.” And me, there on my sofa, I scoff and chuckle, “Oh, sure you will.” Because I know. I […]
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The Unpredictability of the Wildcard

It’s a full moon tonight and I had a bit of a full moon today. A face from the past came ’round. Leaves me with some heavy thinking to do. When the past comes back, it’s for one of two reasons. To either teach you not to go there. Or to prompt you to go there. I […]
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Oh, For God’s Sake!

Okay, to the anonymous who left the comment that has inspired this rant: It’s okay, I’m not taking it personally, and I understand you were coming from a nice place and being genuine. Still. It ain’t you, it’s society, and I’ve been meaning to comment on this for awhile. _____________________ I just broke up with someone, […]
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Thoughts On a Monday

I wonder sometimes if not being alone with our thoughts is why Becoming Single is often so hard for us. We finally feel like the scary silences are broken by this voice of this Other who has acclimatized themselves to becoming a part of our lives. And, one day, they go. For good, for bad, […]
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Wait a Sec!: Thoughts about Depression

If you think the following post slams my ex in any way, you’re an idiot. Acknowledging someone’s shortcomings isn’t vindictive. And acknowledging that they have good reason to have their faults is also not vindictive. For some reason, we live in a world where being passive and inaccurate is mistaken for “being nice.” C’mon, none […]
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