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Our Lives After Their Death

There’s a full moon tomorrow. I’m in a weird headspace. In social media, I’m seeing snippets here and there from those I’m connected with, remembering the passing of our good friend Derek Miller last year. My thoughts on Derek, as his death took the world by storm by way of an incredible blog post, were […]
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An Open Letter To My Mother

I wrote the following post on the 6th anniversary of my mother’s death. Now, it’s more than 6 years later, tonight being the 13th anniversary of when her tumour was found. I’ve been meaning to post this writing here for years, but dragging it up is, well, heavy. Tonight, I’m more bothered by loss than I have […]
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Breathe, Grasshopper.

I tend to see patterns in life, from time to time. These days, there are a few things cropping up here and there, all through my rehab, and it’s starting to echo in other aspects of life, but I’ll spare you the excess drama there. One is the idea of ending the crazy by focusing on the […]
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Remembering Funny

I’m catching my breath after the two-part Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour episode with Tallulah Bankhead. I laughed and laughed and laughed. It was the 100th anniversary of Lucille Ball’s birth this weekend, teaching me something I previously didn’t know — my mother died on Lucille Ball’s birthday. Kind of weird. Mom loved Lucy. The top three shows […]
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To Sleep, Perchance to Remember a Dream

For more than a decade, I’ve woken daily without remembering my dreams. There’s been a handful of dreams in that time that I remember. Literally, probably under 10 for 10 years. And then, this week, I remember flashes of dreams from no less than four nights now. Poof! Like that, suddenly my “dream memory” is coming […]
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10 Years On: Rembering My Dead Mother

I haven’t been funny in days. I’m moody and full of vitamin-Cunt tonight. I couldn’t figure it out. What’s eating me? Why am I spiralling into a darker and darker place? Why do I hate the idea of attending any of the 3 parties to which I was invited tonight? Why does the idea of just being […]
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