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Aging: Becoming My Mother’s Daughter

Next month is my birthday. I have about 6 weeks of being 36 left. I’m told I look younger. This is good news, I like it. Truth be told, I really don’t care about looking “36”. Not yet. I probably will. Likely when it starts to show. When I’m 42. Heh, heh. But you know what? I’ve worked for […]
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Why I Won’t Weigh Myself

Anyone in my life kinda knows I’ve kinda gone cardio-crazy. With anywhere from 6 to 12 hours of moderate-plus activity in any given week,  I’m working on it. Most of it’s because I’m cycling for commuting. Dialing in between 100 to 150 km of cycling per week on average, yeah, it’s becoming a “lifestyle” and […]
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Respect Yourself

I’m tired of women who get into a relationship, lose all of themselves in the man, the relationship ends in a matter of weeks, they come apart at the seams, and it’s “Oh, I’ll never love again.” Please. Get serious. And to moan and piss and whine like this publicly, on social media sites? Please. Get serious. […]
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Mindfucks: $1.75 and Yer Good To Blow

After all the drama of yesterday’s posting, I weighed myself, and I’m exactly where I was 3 weeks ago, which is at a 7-pound gain after losing 72 pounds. But I have less muscle tone, though. And I now remember washing a load of clothes on hot. Oops.
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Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide

When “fat” is your body issue, and I’m talking F-A-T here, there are three places you cannot help but be confronted with your bigness. The changing room in retail stores, in pay-for-space seating (like amusement parks, theatres, planes), and in your own bathtub. For several years there, I wasn’t having baths.
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Hanging Up on Hang-ups

Funny how we get so hung up on our hang-ups we sometimes don’t even notice when they’ve disappeared.* I was fucking floored Thursday night when I realized the varicose veins I’d been loathing for the last year had suddenly vanished in the last couple months, thanks to my awesome new fitness regime. Poof, gone. Ironically, I’d […]
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