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All We Need Is Love. No, Really.

(This is not a posting about politics, or the Democratic Convention, even if it starts out talking about that for a second, so bear with me.) After last night’s Democratic National Convention speech, Michelle Obama’s gotten a big spotlight around the world for bringing a topic up that we don’t often treat with the respect it […]
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RANT: Censorship & The Nonsense of a Non-Seuss World

I’m swearing a lot here on purpose. When I talk about censorship, it makes sense to do so. Avert your sensitive eyes if you’re all bent out of shape by cusswords, and all will be fine. Because that’s all you need to do… not fucking ban it. We’re regressing as a society, and it scares the […]
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No Fatties: The Ethic of Funny

People urge me to try stand-up comedy. A natural, they call me. A funny girl. And, hey, they’re right. What, it’s wrong I should know I’m funny? I shouldn’t acknowledge it? Right, like I’ve spent my life cracking jokes so I can play the fool now. Jokes are hard. Funny is tough. Humour’s a fine line. I pride […]
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My Culture of Disconnect

I don’t want to read the news today. Or have conversations of consequence with friends. Or watch TV or movies that require braincells. I sure as hell don’t want to read. I want to drift away and disconnect. Be anywhere but here. Heavy shit’s coming down, again. Dad’s lined up for serious surgery three provinces away. For anyone […]
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Hurting Kids By Protecting Them

I actually am somewhat empathetic with the “pro” stance on this issue. People are mean. Many folks have thin skin. Protecting the weaker is what the stronger should do. But at what cost? So, when in doubt, I say educate and don’t overly interfere. Read on. _____________ Hey, I know what we should do. We should […]
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Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

I had an end-of-the-night chat on Twitter with my friend Tris Hussey (@TrisHussey), one of Vancouver’s best WP blogging smartie-pants, about the strange life of being a vanilla girl in a sex-blogger-world. It’s had me thinking since, which is why I like smartie-pants like Tris. See, he thinks the world needs more sex-positive voices — especially […]
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