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Big Brother & Vancouver: My Thoughts on Crowd Surveillance

As the dust settles from Vancouver’s riots, a controversy brews. Public shaming is Vancouver’s new favourite past-time. Know a rioter? Expose that ass! But should we be doing this? Some folks have very different opinions, and the loudest voice one hears on the matter is by local professor & author Alexandra Samuel, who explains her opposition very […]
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The Day After

Wow. What a difference 24 hours makes. There’s something about hundreds, maybe thousands, of drunk-assed fuck-faces rampaging through your city, breaking glass, burning cars, and hurting innocent civilians that makes one go, “Hey, you know what? I love this place. And you just PISSED ME OFF.” One of Vancouver’s finest somewhat-under-the-radar bloggers (bookmark that shit, yo) is […]
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I’m a Citizen, Not a Rioter

Last night, a couple thousand drunk assholes brought shame to the city I’ve loved my whole life. Normally passionate about personal freedoms, I’m shouting the loudest for people to ID those they know who have brought this riot and destruction, and the shame and poor reputation that come with, to justice. Some speculate it was all […]
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