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When Writers Stop Writing

I feel like a fraud. A zombie Steff in a fake world. I haven’t been writing. Haven’t had it in me. I’m on auto-pilot. Wake, skate through life, meet required time obligations, get the 40 hours of work in per week, plus the paid blogging, plus the client stuff, plus the rehab back appointments, plus… plus… [...]
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My Topsy-Turvy Love Affair with Cycling

Just a moment ago, I was stretching my stiff ass on my balance ball, watching the Women’s Omnium’s final race in the Olympics. (If you’re not familiar, it’s a serious of cycling track races that get tallied up for an overall score for the winner, kinda like track’s Heptathalon.) Canada’s Tara Whitten finished fourth overall [...]
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Where I Am Now: Pictures

I was lucky to be born and raised in Vancouver, the only member of my massive, massive extended family with that privilege. The city outgrew me, and trying to decide where I could live that wouldn’t leave me brokenhearted about where I’d left, well, that was a challenge at first, until I realized Victoria could [...]
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On The Quieting of the Self

I don’t think I’ve blogged regularly in months, but that’s the nature of lifechange for me. I don’t deal well with change, and it’s possibly why I resist it so hard for so long. That said, there’s a book on ADHD called The Unquiet Mind, and that phrase aptly describes my mental state of the last several [...]
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The Move, The Life, The Update

A brief recap of my recent life. I Moved West I moved across the Straight of Georgia to the southern tip of Vancouver Island. There, I live in Victoria. A few numbers about Victoria: Downtown, some 74,000 people live, compared with Vancouver’s 680,000. Greater Victoria packs a total of 360,000 fine folk, compared to Greater Vancouver’s [...]
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Vancouver: I Love You, But I’m Leaving

This is my first piece on my decision to leave my hometown of Vancouver and head for Victoria, off the coast, the southernmost point of Vancouver Island. (Vancouver is on the Mainland, not on the island that bears its name. No, that’s not confusing at all. God.) Because it’s the first time I’m letting the cat [...]
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