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Who Killed Chandra Levy?

Sure, Mondays sometimes suck because they’re the start to the week. But that’s sometimes exactly why they rock, too. I’m taking my Monday the easy way — slept in, having some lattes, and then I’ll casually amble in by bike around noon. Why end the weekend sooner than necessary, hey?

But let’s talk about what I’m reading. The Washington Post is running what should be a terrific 12-part story on the unsolved death of Chandra Levy, an intern to Congressman Gary Condit, from back in 2000.

What you maybe don’t know about me is that I was addicted to true crime from about 15-25. I was a voracious reader of everything from Helter Skelter to The Stranger Beside Me. So, part of me is pretty stoked to see the Post take this topic on.

It’s going to be a story of political skulduggery, methinks. Allegations have been made by some in the past against Gary Condit, who has taken offense and launched slander suits but never won. Continue reading