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Aging: Becoming My Mother’s Daughter

Next month is my birthday. I have about 6 weeks of being 36 left. I’m told I look younger. This is good news, I like it. Truth be told, I really don’t care about looking “36”. Not yet. I probably will. Likely when it starts to show. When I’m 42. Heh, heh. But you know what? I’ve worked for […]
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Fit To Be Tied: A Woman’s Right to Choose?

In 2006, I asked my doctor about getting my tubes tied so I wouldn’t have to worry about exploding with toddlers. I was 30. He said no, that if a woman hasn’t had a child already, they typically won’t tie tubes when a woman’s under 35. I’ll be 37 this fall and nothing has changed: My […]
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Respect Yourself

I’m tired of women who get into a relationship, lose all of themselves in the man, the relationship ends in a matter of weeks, they come apart at the seams, and it’s “Oh, I’ll never love again.” Please. Get serious. And to moan and piss and whine like this publicly, on social media sites? Please. Get serious. […]
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The Relationship-Saving iPhone App

If there’s anything I love about my iPhone, it’s that I’m starting to be able to micromanage my life. There’s an app for everything! Like iPeriod. Men, before you go “ACK, NO, NOT PERIOD TALK” — think about the brilliance here. AN EARLY WARNING SYSTEM. A bitchy-factor crystal ball! All for you! You wanted it… they […]
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Now What? Waiting.

See my last posting. I know nothing. Knowing nothing will be the status quo for a couple more days possibly. I have nothing more to really say about it. I know nothing. Que sera sera. I had an ultrasound. Anything there? I don’t know. When my technician found the ovaries, her demeanour changed. The conversation about […]
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And then there was None

Well, I’m single now. We pulled the Band-aid off and decided things just weren’t working. As far as break-ups go, this was the best I’ve probably ever had. It’ll be hard for me to be friends, I suspect, since I’m not really the one who quit the relationship. He was trying really hard to keep his […]
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