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The Heal Thy Steff Plan: The Victoria Model v2.0

I try to learn life lessons where I can, but I’m not sure what to glean from spending $95 on a massage, then sleeping on my arm wrong. Sometimes, maybe there isn’t a lesson. Sometimes, maybe life’s just stupid. Ignoring the “Oops, I did it again” sleep and all, the massage was awesome. I’m still in […]
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Building Blocks: Mastering Less as More

It’s been a long week and you’re probably wondering how it went, given my dreaded Month of Suck admission last week. I’ve spent this past week slowly recalibrating myself, lowering my expectations, ditching my guilt, and focusing on the individual steps to take rather than being overwhelmed by the bigness of my journey… And it’s been […]
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Enter Villain: Nemesis, AKA The Stairs

Today I conquered that which I’ve avoided since June: My Nemesis, The Stairs. I did 21 floors, with 22 steps each, in under 20 minutes. It’s a great start back! Remember: Pneumonia recovery — my first full week with actual cardio! While not a specifically-prescribed exercise in my new fitness routine, the stairs are a […]
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The Challenge of Transitioning

I’m in zombieland. Mono-focused. I know what I want. I’m after it. Period. Brains. Nommy brains. Mmkay, no. I want life to be my bitch. That requires me being strong, fit, and healthy. It requires me undoing bullshit that caused me to gain back 8 pounds — and probably several inches — of the 70 […]
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Quickie: State of the Steff

I’m on the verge of eggs and toast. This is my exciting life. I just wanted to pop in though, say boo to some of my favourite readers, and just letcha all know that it might be a day or two before I’m firing on all cylinders. This blog’s a total snapshot of my mental […]
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Warning: Excessive Bliss May Be Good For You

I would have said that “the Guy has this saying,” but according to Google, there’s 14,700 hits for the phrase “post-coital bliss.” It’s all about the PCB. Blissed out and riding that wave back to normalcy. Nothing recharges the batteries like a good lay, don’t ya think? It’s Saturday morning (as if you didn’t know) and […]
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