Getting What You Ask For

Words hurt. What we say can hurt others. It can traumatize them. It can lead to unthinkable acts. Without a doubt, words can hurt.
But what we don’t say can often hurt us every bit as much. Unfortunately, as you read this, lovers all over the world are having unnecessarily bad sex all because of words they’re not saying.
Words like, “Honey, not so hard.” Or perhaps, “Can you move a little to the left?” Or quite possibly the worst phrase of all to overlook, “I think we could use a little lube.”
I’m making light of it, to be sure, but honestly, I still feel the best way to dial up a sex life is through talk. I’m not suggesting getting into a discourse on the pros and cons of ratifying Kyoto or anything, but rather, an interactive discussion on whether things are working or not. But let’s come back to that.
I recently received a happy package in the mail from my Secret Santa. In it was a copy of the Better Sex Series on DVD. This was Volume One: Advanced Sexual techniques and Positions.
Now, personally, I didn’t find there was anything really new in the DVD, but I really was glad to watch it. I’ll be keeping it around. It may come in handy with a future lover. It’s a “how to” video that explains a whole lot about sex, and I think it’d probably be useful for any new or even intermediate couple. It echoes a lot of things I’ve always believed.
There was a lot of great information included, everything from how every person’s body will respond differently to stimulation, to the uniqueness of different cocks and vaginas, and a myriad of useful position and technique advice. Great stuff.
It also highlighted the necessity of communication. The program’s participants appear to be real couples who occasionally suck at acting (in that they’re just trying too hard to say the lines right) but they sure as hell have it going on in bed. The couples talk on-screen about aspects of their sex lives correlating to whatever topic might be showing at any given time, from cunnilingus to come, and then you see snippets of them getting it on in rather elegant, if sparse, and nicely lit surroundings, illustrating how hot their sex really is.
(An assumption one might draw if they excelled in naivety would be along the lines of, “Dude, they talked about it and then, whammo! They had frickin’ hot sex! Talking is HOT, dude!”)
There are scenes, though, that illustrate beautifully what kind of dialogue can be used to really spice up your relationship. How? It’ll give you a roadmap for your partner’s pleasure zones. Here’s some questions I think ought to be asked in these scenarios, and some are variations of ones asked in the DVD:
“How do you like having your clit rubbed?”
“What part of your cock is the most sensitive?”
“Is there something I don’t do that you wish I did?”
“What part of your body do you think needs more attention?”
“What do I do that you like the most?”
“What do you like the least?”
“When’s your favourite time to have sex?”
“Please tell me when I’m doing something that doesn’t feel right.”
“I wish we could keep doing this longer…”
You obviously can surmise that having information on any of the above questions would give you a little more insight into your lover. I mean, haven’t you ever had that experience where, when you were younger, you had certain beliefs (political, ethical, spiritual, philosophical, whatever) and you happened upon a book that somehow encapsulated everything you ever believed, and you suddenly just had this totally invigorated worldview?
Not everyone knows that feeling, but I do, and those that do, I bet they know what I’m saying here. If, say, you have an inkling that the way you tickle your lover’s anus when you’re making out, playing naked in bed, but it’s one of those sorta odd taboos you’ve never really spoken about, so it’s almost like a guilty little pleasure when you sneak a little tweak for kicks, right?
But let’s say it finally comes up in conversation. They somehow look up at you, all abashed, and guiltily confess, “I gotta say, I get so, so, so hot whenever you do that thing to my ass, but I’ve been too embarrassed to admit it… and I’d like a little more.”
One little statement, that’s all it takes. I couldn’t care less if assplay is a notion that gets you off or not, but you see my point. Confess your desires, inquire as to theirs, and start fulfilling them. What part of this is so hard to understand?
Not much, I gather. It’s just hard to do. At first. One day, you just come to realize that being vulnerable may get you a little more hurt more often, but wow, the dividends it pays in most of your life is frickin’ killer — especially when it comes to sex. You’ll find that the more you open up, the more you will be rewarded in kind. When that happens, a synergy starts to build between you. There’s something there, more tangible, more open, more adventurous. It’s like you’re finally receiving permission to act.
What’s more, it’ll start spilling out into other areas of your life. You’ll feel more comfortable being open. It takes a while to find the right people who are receptive to it, but once you do, then you need to find a way to get them talking.
And if you can’t get them talking, then at least try to get them to watch something like the Better Sex series. There is help out there, kids. It’s a matter of finding it.

9 thoughts on “Getting What You Ask For

  1. StripGoddess

    Excellent advice. It is a shame we’re raised in an environment where it is taboo to even talk about sex, let alone be open about it.

    I agree fully!

  2. Dirty Debbie

    So much of what you say is true.
    I too have some of those Better Sex videos (the one on advanced oral techniques is great)

    I especially like the questions that you posed here. I’ve learned that sometimes it’s not asking the questions that’s so difficult, but rather having the partner answer them truthfully and without fear.
    We have to trust each other implicitly to have great sex, don’t you think?

  3. Anonymous

    I’ve found it difficult to get men to admit to what they’d like, sometimes. For all the talking and boasting they do about sex, when it comes to looking a woman in the eye and telling her what they’d like, a lot chicken out. They’re afraid we’ll think they’re weird, or dirty or whatever antiquated hang-up they’ve developed.

    Just tell me, dude. I may have to say no, if it’s something I really can’t/don’t want to do, but I’ll never recoil in horror or be disgusted.

    Maybe I’m the freak.

  4. Ginger and Mary Ann

    There’s really only one question:

    “Would you like me to suck your dick?”

    and it’s variation

    “Would you like me to lick your pussy?”

  5. scribe called steff

    That’s all you want to know from your lover? Sorry, but you’re depriving yourself.

    I mean, if the answer’s a given yes, then what’s the point of even asking it?

    I mean, I don’t to get confrontational with readers, but really, that’s not even a question worth asking. It’s verbal foreplay, but it’s not informative.

    Strip — Yep, taboos suck. It’s hard to get past that, but essential.

    Debbie — Absolutely. 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing more of the shows from the series, too. Fingies crossed that Santa delivers.

    Anon — Yeah, and I find that I’ve had guys tell me they’ve only recently begun telling lovers when something hurts, etc. I wonder if it’s some fear that “Hey, I’m even lucky she’s sucking it — I don’t wanna fuck it up by complaining now, man” or something. If it HURTS, SPEAK. Everyone needs to realize that expressing PAIN and DISCOMFORT is not offensive — it’s fact, and it needs to be known.

    Sigh. There’s so much work to be done with people and their ability to speak up. Such an important topic.

  6. AlwaysArousedGirl

    The problem for me comes when I tell the husband again and again and again what I want..and then I rarely get it. Unless you’ve got massive amounts of self-esteem (heh, I do ok there), you will eventually get so hurt that you’ll give up.

    It would be a wonderful thing to ask and then receive.


  7. Anonymous

    Kyoto doesn’t flare your passions? Say global warming in twenty flirtatious and naughty tones of voice. See, it works!

    You are quite the thrill seeker, and I appreciate you sharing the journey. Imagination is the key to all doors, but communication is the only way to go through.

  8. off_road

    Being honest about what you like/need means you are making yourself vulnerable. Fear of rejection of those ideas prevents open communication.

    But, oh boy,..if you ever do get that communication going…wow…what a difference.

    Take a chance and let her/him know what really makes you cum…..

  9. scribe called steff

    Aroused — People who don’t listen to our desires… well, what can be said? I wish I could suggest something, but I’m sort of devious… If I had a lover who wasn’t listening to me, I’d probably walk… BUT you’re married. That’s different. If that was me, I’d probably get nasty and suck his cock in a way I’d know was uncomfortable and awkward, to try and get him to protest or say, “Hey, that’s feeling wrong,” or something, and then just continue. “Well, see what happens when I ignore what you want? You do that to me every time.”

    Who knows. Of course, I just woke up, too, so I wouldn’t listen to me, if I were you. 🙂

    Anon — Oh, Kyoto gets me hot in ways you’ll never know. The global warming of Steff — nothing but sizzle bang-bangs, my friend.

    Oh, look, I have emissions already. Crazy shit.

    Off-Road — See, it’s weird. I’ve never had problems communicating with lovers. I’m open like a book, I guess, and maybe it’s contagious. One person needs to be vulnerable, and both usually will be that way as a result.

    Thanks for the comments. Off I go to family Xmas hell. God.

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