Unleashing Your Vixen: Moves From the Bottom

Woman on Bottom bravely asked a few of those questions most women don’t ask because they’re too embarrassed. How does a woman, under her lover, get involved and change the pace of things when he’s thrusting away? And also, does a Vixen’s role change when it’s lovemaking as opposed to fucking, and vice versa?
Let’s tackle part two first. The difference between “lovemaking” and “fucking” is a mood, an edge. Fucking’s when animalism comes out to play. It’s when the emotions hit a fever pitch. Lovemaking’s true intimacy and tends to be more about exploring your lover (if you’re doing it right, that is) and expressing how you feel. Now, this is very much in theory. I don’t know about your lovelife, but those distinctions apply well to mine.
So, then, here’s the thing. You do the same stuff. It’s not that complicated. It’s just about the edge and how hard you go for it — so to speak.
For fucking, you bite a little more, a little harder. You dig your heels deeper, your fingernails scratch harder. You thrust or squeeze or whatever you do, faster, harder, and more greedily. It’s a mood thing. The actions are essentially all the same.
It’s kind of the difference between pedalling a bike along a nice, flat seashore, and taking in all the scenery, working consistently and over a long period, versus getting that bike up a monster hill with the sweating, teeth-gritting, and panting that comes with it. You go with the mood.
I really don’t think you need to worry too much about changing things up. Learn to just go with the moment. And if you apply the wrong amount of intensity, who cares? So you’ve gotten a little overeager in lovemaking and it switches gears a little to some down’n’dirty fucking. Is that really so wrong? Stop overthinking it. Go with it. Feel the moment and see where it takes you.
Odds are, accidentally switching to fucking from lovemaking will leave you both spent and laughing and thrilled. Hardly an unfortunate accident.
All right. Back to the beginning.

He’s over you, in you, on you. Thrusting. His eyes are closed, he’s concentrating, keeping his rhythm, and he’s used to you doing this – very, very little – so he’s not really too worried about you. Occasionally he plants a kiss on your neck, a token reminder that in other galaxies, in alter-existences, this tango would be danced by two. He continues thrusting, biting on his bottom lip now, clenching his eyes shut, maybe imagining what it would be like if you suddenly couldn’t get enough of him, and you start to think, “Geez. It’d be nice if I felt a little more involved. What should I do first?”

The easiest thing to do is always to start nibbling on his neck, biting, sucking, and nibbling on his neck. Keep it light and simple – hickeys are fun for folks who can get away with it, but are a real pain in the ass when we can’t, and I’m speaking from experience, when a hickey caused a world of grief for me at work. After all, that’s why we wear shirts: Put the fucking hickey on the shoulder, on the chest, on the ass, anywhere you want, but think twice about the neck.
Don’t spend too long on the neck, if shifting the mood’s what you want to do. Begin sinking your teeth into his shoulder, biting a bit.
While you’re dining on Grade-A shoulder, you can reach around him. Press your palms flat on his shoulderblades and drive your hands firmly, with an awful lot of friction, all down his back, over his ass. Squeeze his cheeks, dig your nails in if you want to, and maybe even use a finger to tease him in the crack of his anus. If you’ve been seldom involved, then THAT will should show him that something turned your lightbulb on. “I’ve been reading,” you can tell him.
During all this, you really, really become absolutely in the moment.
Focus on how things feel – know what’s happening to your body. Focus on his rigid girth sliding in and out of you, how warm and good that cock feels, how it feels when it’s moving from shallow into deeper passes and back again. Focus on the slapping sounds, really try to follow what’s happening with your lover’s body.
Feel the moment, like I said, and let it take you where you should go. Be the moment, Grasshopper.
Let the moment lead you, don’t worry about “But Steff said shoulder-back-palms…” NO, I suggested it. Mostly, just let the moment and what you really wanna do deep down in that dirty place you usually ignore.
As you grow to study your lover’s moves more and more, you’ll be able to start anticipating things,&  you’ll know what it takes to really heighten the moment, via thrusting, biting, whatever, but that knowledge comes from studying – how does he move, what feels best for you?
If you shift yourself slightly, does his penis hit somewhere else inside you, a better place? Know these feelings.
It’s different for every single one of us, so you need to be the documentarian who’s keeping notes on how to vamp up her own sex life. Capische?
So, as you’re nibbling/biting/sucking/putting those god-given lips to good use — and those hands, they should always be working the moment one way or another, even if you’re rubbing your own clit as he thrusts (they like that, too) — you find his rhythm and you respond.
I don’t care if he’s 280 pounds – you should be strong enough to start doing some thrusting in sync with his. Every time his pelvis lifts, yours sinks back into the mattress. When he lowers to thrust into you, you raise your pelvis up into his. You thrust as hard as you can, on beat, every time.
It’s easier to thrust on the bottom if you have your knees bent and your feet planted — or with legs wrapped around him — but as you exercise those lumbar muscles and lower ab muscles, you’ll start getting stronger and better at thrusting in nearly any position you find yourself in. If you learn how to move from the hips themselves instead of using your whole groin area to thrust, you’ll find the movements to be sharper, more intense, and with more payback at his end (and thus at yours).
And it’s important to get your muscles stronger so you can thrust in any position, because there’s not a lot of men who don’t love the feeling of having a woman’s legs wrapped right around their waist during sex.
What’s really great about wrapping your legs around a guy, when things are heating up and you’re really into the moment, you can use your legs to pull him as tight and hard and deep into you as possible. Your legs will be wrapped around the small of his back at this point. After he’s thrust down into you, squeeze and hold him there, tight. For men, I’m told most of their sensation’s both at the head of the penis or the base of the shaft, so when you’re pulling him in hard, he’ll be really, really enjoying the moment. Keep your legs there but release some pressure, and let him resume thrusting, but if you want to be playful, you can cutely instruct him, “Mine. Stay!” Or something along those lines. Get dirtier if you want to, since I find that fun. Be careful, though, because this could feel TOO good for him and you might prematurely end your fun.
The thing about talking during sex, though, and I’ve been guilty of stupidity on this front like almost everywoman in the world, is that it’s important to try and steer away from routine things. Keep the sentiments short and to the point, and keep the focus on action, not conversation so much.
Say things, but don’t expound, unless it’s about something happening then and there that can be improved or changed.
The more you say, the more you run the risk of saying the wrong thing and wrecking the mood. Let’s face it, during sex, our brains aren’t getting nearly the blood nor oxygen it desires, so let’s not overwork the thing, shall we? Keep the blood where it belongs. Flowing in your loins.
Back to using your legs. It’s funny that so many women think there’s nothing they can do being under a guy. It’s just a silly thought.
Using your legs defines how everything feels. Using your legs to change your body angles even slightly affects the way his cock feels (to both him and you) as he slides in and out. Some positions allow you to feel him even deeper, harder.
The thing is, you need to get into those positions, you need to explore them.
Wrapping legs around the hips, a great start.
So’s intertwining your legs lengthwise with his and locking them into place via scooping your foot under his shins or something can allow you to use your muscles then to clench everything in your abdominal and vaginal and anal region. This can really make it a nice, tight, arousing fit for your man of choice. It tightens all the muscles so he’s getting more of a vice grip on his shaft, something most men’ll tell you is a good thing – but, AGAIN, too much of a good thing can result in him blowing his load early, especially if having you involved is a shock to his system.
Therefore, don’t let the moment become a marathon, hey?
One of my all-time favourite moves, and I’m not sure quite what I like about it so much, but it’s probably along the lines that it has an awful lot of deep sensation and is closest to some of the classic moves like doggy style, is the one in this photo. All you need to do is either push him back a little or ask him to kneel for a second, then pull your legs up in front of his chest and put your ankles over his shoulder. This position feels so goddamned good but you need to be a little flexible to pull it off. (I’m not some size 6 with yoga classes under her belt, but yeah, I can bend. You might surprise yourself, too. Try it. If it hurts, you can always stop. Bet it feels purty good, though.)
Personally, I find it excellent for low-back problems, but that’s not going to apply universally. If you can handle it, do it, because men have a lot to love about this position, too. Guys are visual and they absolutely love watching their penis slide in and out of a woman, and this position not only gives them the vantage point from which to see that, but unlike doggy and a few other positions, it allows them to see your face as they take you to the edge – and your breasts as they bounce side to side and up and down with every thrust the men make. Seeing the face, though, there’s something undeniably amazing about knowing it’s you who’s caused that look of agonized ecstasy to spill across a person’s face, and I suppose it’s one of the factors I enjoy about this position. I love watching him watching me.
Finally, the easiest, and still one of my faves, and allows for some of the sensation of the above position without you having to ask him to move, is while he’s thrusting, simply use your hands to pull your knees up to your chest (by his shoulders) in a classic knee-to-chest leg-stretch. A lot of feeling, allows for a really deep thrust, and he’s guaranteed to love it. You can alter the sensation here, too, by moving back and forth between allowing your back round out (sort of like the cat pose in yoga) and then arch away from him. It’ll drastically affect how it feels, but definitely be careful if it’s your first time trying those, since it could be a bit challenging on a virgin back. But, yeah, back and forth — arching, rounding — subs in for thrusting, giving him the same amount of contribution from you, but in a sensationally different manner. Give it a go.
As your legs tire a bit, you can take breaks by letting your legs wrap around him again. I advise going back and forth between these positions during a single session, if you’re looking to change things up a bit. A moment or two in this position, a moment or two in that.
But, hey, there’s a lot to be said for seeing one thing through, too. Every time is different. And should be.
Just GO with it. Stop thinking! Start feeling! Ignore society’s advice to act on logic, not emotion. Feel the moment and let it take you where you should go. That’s all it takes.
And don’t worry — “feeling the moment” will take you to newer, bolder, more different places as time passes, because the lover you are within will change and grow as you lighten up and think less. Being the best lover we can be doesn’t happen over night, it takes years, decades, because it’s not just about skill — it’s about being truly open and comfortable with yourself, and that’s the journey we’re all after for the whole of our lives.
And here’s where it really starts to take hold.
There’s more on this topic to come.
(The photo is from SexyFX.com, an awesome site.)

17 thoughts on “Unleashing Your Vixen: Moves From the Bottom

  1. mhorts

    One thing I will add that is really, really erotic, is when she reaches between us, plays with herself a bit, and then wraps a finger or two around my penis while I am still moving it in and out. You have a lot more control over the grip and texture of your hand. This one always sends me through the roof!!!

    Enjoy your break Steff…you deserve it. I’ll be offline for a week myself.

  2. scribe called steff

    Dammit! I can’t believe I forgot that one. For shame, Steff. Tsk! I’m such a poser! Ha.

    Great catch. Good addition. Thanks.

    So, Vixens in the making: Yes, yes, yes, dual-stimulation is never a bad thing. Let him touch your clit during sex, and you touch his shaft during sex. ‘course, touching yourselves is all very nice and good and encouraged, too. 🙂

  3. figleaf

    *Wonderful* post, Steff. This is a bell-ringer. People could print it out and send it to their *moms* it’s so good! (Eww, I mean because both their moms and dads would appreciate it even if we don’t want to think about that.)

    Thanks for the wonderful, wonderful tips!


  4. Rachel - Wicked Ink

    Thank you – now I just need to convince *someone* to start reading you, on a regular basis… not that I am complaining 😉

  5. Mad Coyote

    Steff, you have nailed it all perfectly. Myself, I prefer eyes open when on top, because I want to see her face and every single reaction to every thrust- that and some guttural sounds from her just makes me crazy.

    The legs over my shoulders position is also my personal favourite- combine that with having her clutching at my chest or with her hands clenched in my hair, and it’s ALL good.

    Oh, and please, bite the shoulder, not the collar bone. Teeth on the shoulder is a turn-on; on the collar bone, that’s just painful. You’ll have to trust me on that.

  6. scribe called steff

    I’m really happy this posting’s getting noticed, and I plan to leave it up for a day or two to really get some discussion going. Thanks, everyone, for commenting so quickly.

    Goose — Limber’s good. I have a chiropractor for a reason. 😉

    Fig — Heh, thanks. I’ve been thinking about it for a few days but pounded it out quickly, published it too fast, and kept finding mistakes for the first hour or so. Whups, but I’m happy with it, and the response has me thinking to investigate it a bit more.

    Rachel — HEH! you go do the convincing, then baby. Glad you dug it.

    Coyote — Fancy meeting you in a place like this. I support gutteral sounds but sort of touched on that elsewhere. Maybe I’ll do a recap of all this and remention it there. *growl* Ha.

    I’ve had pretty hot reactions from guys in the ankles-over-shoulder pose from playing with myself at the same time, since it’s one of the few times the guy can see my face, his cock, and me masturbating simultaneously. It’s like the Holy Sexual Trinity or something. You boys, you’re so fun to play with.

    Thanks for the point on the collar bone. WOMEN, if you can’t feel flesh and meat on bone, DO NOT BITE IT. Flesh likes bites. Not bone. Careful, kids.

    Beth — I’m always fond of a bedtime story, myself. Glad to help you in a pinch. 🙂

  7. jim s,

    Great post! I sent my wife a link to it.

    Immediately after it gave me pause.

    How many times have I been guilty of merrily thrusting away, with eyes closed, no less, giving little regard for what my partner wanted?

    My current partner is a woman of few words (a rarity?), and ESPECIALLY in bed so your post will hopefully make me more sensitive to her desires AND give her some suggestions on what to do lest I forget that lesson in the heat of the moment.


  8. jazz

    that one in the picture is hot. i also love the feeling/angle when my legs are over his shoulders…

    good calls!

  9. Anonymous


    Awh… brave? Thanks.

    Wow, that was super helpful.

    I can like do stuff instead of just laying there and squeezing his biceps and moaning.

    *Sighs with relief.*

    ~Woman on Bottom

  10. scribe called steff

    Woman on Bottom — Hey, I’ll be laying out some more stuff as time passes.

    Stay tuned.

    Maybe tomorrow might be about a great blowjob approach.

  11. scribe called steff

    Jim — Hey, glad I gave you pause for thought.

    I’m glad I’ve just reread this. I made a post-it note just now that reads,

    “Present in the moment? Eyes closed during sex.”

    It’ll be the genesis of a posting at some point, I think. I need to consider that one a bit and really think about my own self. I’m guilty of closing my eyes more than I think I do, so… Yeah.

    Talk about your pauses for thought. 🙂

    Jazz — Lovely, isn’t it? 🙂

  12. Tashe

    YOU KICK ASS! I think this is the second time I’ve told you this and you haven’t grinned at me yet! LOL

    Instructional, sexy reading. It opens the mind and prickles the pussy, Sweet.

    You covered your bases wonderfully.

    There are lots of things to do down there that would make the position so much better for the Godesses. I think some have programmed themselves to think that when they get there, they just gotta snatch at as many good feelings they can get before he takes it and runs. Then the opportunity for a good come is gone.


    Consider it a learning experience, even if it isn’t your favorite, even if you’ve never gotten off like that before…hey, we’re all still learning…that ‘s what makes it fucking fun! Move yourself, dance to that sexy song in your head, ROLL it on him ladies! You may surprise yourself, and well…he just may start calling you “Goddess”…

    mad coyote – you’re hot, I hope your woman enjoys you…

    Goddammit Lady, you’ve done it again.


  13. scribe called steff

    Tashe — Far be it for me to GRIN at you. I SMOOCH thee. Better?

    I was thinking about this post as I was riding my scooter home this evening, staring at the fucking drivers who can’t even stay in the line, and it occured to me that a lot of Fishies are like those who are religious about colouring inside the lines.

    With sex, there are no lines. It’s intuition. It’s freestyle poetry. It’s aerobatic skiing. It’s anything you want it to be, as long as it ain’t got rules.

    We’re so concerned about doing everything right that we’d sooner do nothing than attempt something and do it wrong. We’re looking for sexual training wheels — AND THEY DON’T MAKE ‘EM.

    Sigh. 🙂 Some folks are just lost without a direction, some are scared, some are clueless, and then there are the ones who just don’t care. The first three, there’s hope for. Until soul transplants are a regular deal, there’s little hope for the last group.

    Apathy should be a sin, in any walk of life. It’s just wrong.

  14. A Scribe Called Steff

    Posted October 23, 2006 at 5:52 pm | Permalink | Edit
    I empathize with you.
    From what I gather, most men are pretty terrible lovers. I’ve always seen it as a tango. Everything in life is better when there is a dialog, a converasation, a ’scratch-my-back-bite-your-lip-grind-more’ dance. Between two people. Or three as the case may be.
    I don’t know why women put up with anything less.
    And I don’t know, for the life of me, why men don’t get it. When she gets off, it’s like, totally hot, dude.
    Come Together.
    Come Together.
    Posted October 23, 2006 at 5:55 pm | Permalink | Edit
    Any lover that lies there is unappetizing.
    Although…. there are some days when women I have been with enjoyed just being ravished, enjoying that moment when the man just arrives and has that lustful, lacivious gleam in his eyes and the nearest flat surface (vertical or horizontal) will do. On those days, best to not be wearing underwear.
    Universe is big enough for all varieties.
    “Take me now” is cool.
    “I want to come too” is cool also.
    “I need to fuck you right now” sometimes is all that is required.
    It depends, does it not?

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