Vixen Moves: "Wake Me Up Before You Blow-Blow"

There are some things that, if you’ve never done them, you’re simply not a vixen, no matter how hard you kid yourself.
Love, sex, life — they’re all made better with surprises.
That said, if you’ve never woken up at four in the morning, rolled over, and snaked down your sleeping lover with kisses from head to toe, until they’ve awoken, and then gone down on them, well, you’re really missing a fantastic experience, and you ain’t the vixen you could be.
I guess guys are more open to night moves than women might be, but me, well, my lovers have carte blanche to roll over and begin playing with me anytime they want. They know there’s a chance I will say no or push ‘em away, but a better chance I’ll say yes, and most importantly, they know I’d never fault’em for trying. And you shouldn’t either. You should never leave your lover feeling trepidatious about sharing their desire with you. That should go without saying, but fuck, one could write a book about it.
This kind of unsolicited move is the sort of thing a guy just loves. “She thought about my cock? By herself? Way over there, on the other side of the bed? And, oh, my god. Look how bad she wants it. Ooh… God, I’m a lucky guy.”
I’m being cutesy about it, but it’s true. Even if you go down on your man and don’t bring him to orgasm, I bet he’ll be more affectionate towards you and feel more secure about how you feel regarding him. It’s a really, really hot moment, but it can also be an incredibly tender and affectionate moment. I love the intimacy it provokes. It’s hard to get behind the wall of The Common Male, but once you do, it’s a great place to be. Doing things like this, it takes you there.
As a woman, you simply need to understand the love a guy has for his cock.
It’s the only toy he gets to play with his entire life. He never needs to change the batteries, it’s there morning, noon, and night. When everyone else forsakes him, his penis won’t. It’s the source of some of the best physical feelings he’s ever had (and the worst).
It’s not just some appendage that signals he’s ready for sex, and too many women are dismissive of that incredible bond a guy has with his cock. All you have to do is imagine the lifelong weirdness of dressing rooms, the unwanted uprisings, the intra-guy size competitions that don’t even need words, and you begin to get a sense of this strange alternate universe inhabited only by Owners of Penises.
What you also have to understand is that you should never just pounce yourself on a penis in the middle of the night. Some surprises are bad. Plus, chicks can make the mistake of assuming a middle-of-the-night erection is a result of him being next to her. Nice. Pigs look good in flight, too, and I just bought my season boarding pass for Mount Hell.
It’s biology, simply nature, and probably has little, if anything, to do with you. Get over yerself, honey. It’s a penis.
So, you’ve got to ignore that erect cock if it’s there, but it’s likely not, and start the games by gently kissing your way up and down his torso. Increase friction as he’s starting to wake.
Going tender all the way is nice, and definitely an option, depending on mood and the kind of day you know he’s had, but there’s something surreal and wild about being woken for someone’s primal desire, and that’s speaking as a woman. I can’t even fathom how a guy would feel being woken for a reasonably primal session of body bites and a blowjob. (Feel free to offer testimony, boys. I’m all ears.)
But being a playful kinda gal myself, I’ve seen the result of a man being awoken for that, and I’m guessing those shudders, gasps, and moans were a ringing endorsement.
So, long story short: wake his body before you wake his cock, otherwise the experience isn’t going to be as much bang for the buck, or worse, could be a blatant failure. Take the time to tease him awake. It’s simply more fun, and it should serve to put you more in the mood, too.
Another thing you need to know, if his penis begins to grow flaccid during the experience, a) you’re probably not doing anything wrong, and b) don’t keep working it.
It’s a blood-flow thing, and you need to let his biology get what it wants. Move away from a softening penis, if you’re wanting it hard again, and start biting, licking, sucking in other areas. Engage in ass play. Anything you want, so long as you’re drawing all the blood away from the penis. But you want to keep a hand on his balls or shaft, just gently squeezing or touching, not in an erotic way, but in a “I’m still here, baby” kind of way. Remember, cock play is as nurturing as it can be for a guy sometimes, and if you’re doing a special treat like this, don’t let him forget why you’re there. But don’t keep arousing the beast, either, since you’re going for longevity and this will help you get there. Just be present.
Having a hand on the resting member also tells you when he’s hardened again. Then, you make your way back down. Take him in your mouth and do what you need to do.
I say, make it as slow and long and doting of a blowjob as you can muster. Have spurts of primal savagery, but be mostly attentive, steady, and tender, not because we’re avoiding savage, but because this special-event head should be a long session and you need to conserve energy. (Be PowerSmart!)
Between the intermittent moments of cuddling and the kissing and all that, I tend to try to stretch a middle-of-the-night special-event blowjob to an hour or so of a long, drawn out tease, with one or two “rest” breaks of five or so minutes in between. (And you can remove your hand during the breaks, maybe lie down at his side, your head on his chest, your hands exploring his body, with a knee/calf resting bent over his groin, maybe making gentle tugging motions from time to time. You’re still there, but in a way that says you’re taking some time to recoup, ”but I’ve not forgotten”.)
If he’s starting to want to be inside you, tell him he can (and should) do that in the morning, that this is about him. Seriously, let him have his time in the sun, and make sure he understands that’s what this is. It’s about him. For him. By you. Happily. It’s knowing someone wants you pleasured that’s as hot as being pleasured, and don’t forget that.
The blowjob technique itself is pretty much the same as what I’ve described before (see “Good Girl’s Guide to Giving Great Head, parts one and two). It’s the waking-the-body-up bit that really is imperative, particularly when he’s got an auto-erection in the night. (If he’s been lying there cupping the round of your ass or breast while spooning you, odds are there are external factors at work. Still, wake the body before the beast.)
And, ladies? If you’ve never had the pleasure of being awoken for sex, what have you been waiting for? Look your lover in the eye and say, “I’ve never been woken up for sex before and I hear it’s a little more surreal and intense. I’d love it if you’d take me in the night sometime. Surprise me.”
If your guy isn’t the brightest bulb in the box, tell him to do so via smothering your sleeping body with kisses. There’s nothing quite so lovely and nice as being awoken by lips dancing down your body. You’d be surprised how much your body will want it, if you let it go there.
I keep saying that the goal as a good lover is simply to feel the moments and go with them, but really, why do we always wait to be in the moment before we feel it? Let’s make the moments happen. Initiate. Women do it far too little. What, you’re concerned he’ll REJECT you? Have you been present on Planet Earth long? Man reject woman for sex, free sex? It happens, but so does lightning striking humans. It’s a long shot. Run with the odds. The plus is, you’ll feel like a goddess when it works out.
C’mon. Live a little. Wake the beast. He’ll play nice for you.

16 thoughts on “Vixen Moves: "Wake Me Up Before You Blow-Blow"

  1. April

    oh, my….yes. Love to wake the beast…he plays really nice.

    Now just gotta find that man willing to return the favor.

    Waking that inner vixen, initiating things…that is the way to fantastic experiences. For you and your man.

    And you’re right, (in a previous post, I think) it’s all about being in tune with each other…and still remembering to surprise each other.

  2. scribe called steff

    April — A fun, fun journey. And a great little stop to make along the way. I’ve always loved this one, ‘cos that first time doing it can be a pretty powerful shift in a relationship. It kinda really lays down the fact that you’re willing to do your part, and opens the gates to more intimacy than you might expect.

    MC — Accounts for you mispelling your name, I’m sure. 🙂

  3. max

    oh my, the wake-up, haven’t had it often, but those times are memorable…for a long long time. and you’re right, it’s a gift that returns to the giver, with more smiles all around.

  4. scribe called steff

    Max — Yeah, I had occasion to do one of these in the recent past and though I think nothing will come of things with that guy again, it was a really nice experience even then. I love the transformation it brings a man.

    It’s just one of those rare things a girl can do that really melts a guy. That, riding on top… etc. There are a few things I can do I know will leave the guy as putty in my hands after. I never usually “use” that to my advantage, but it’s really nice to leave a guy vulnerable and grateful. It feels pretty sexy, and damned empowering. I love it.

  5. Don

    Sounds fantastic. I’m afraid it’s something invented since the light bulb so I’m not eligible to participate. LOL Well, as you said, lightning does strike. Thanks for the lovely post anyway.

  6. jazz

    love love love this!

    it’s my favorite thing to be woken that way and i love to return the favor.

    and so glad you pointed out that he may not get hard. it happens often that it’s harder to get erect when he’s so sleepy…

  7. scribe called steff

    Don — Heh. I’ll use my wishing well wish on ya for good luck and lightning strikes, then. 🙂

    Anon — Maybe try a tenderloin. Or offer yours?

    Haily — Lucky, lucky. Remember Steff’s motto: The devil’s in the details, and so too is the orgasm. 😉

    Jazz — Yes, right, sleepy heads. Ahem. Yes, sometimes I wonder what chewing on some coffee beans before licking a sleepy cock might do.

    Probably nothing, but you know me; I’ll use any old excuse.

  8. sartre

    “Have spurts of primal savagery…” If male ejaculation could be described in a phrase:)

    Putty indeed. Don’t enslave us poor guys! We cannot help our fondness for the beast.

  9. scribe called steff

    Sartre — The choice of the word “spurt” there was deliberate. 🙂

    I don’t begrudge men’s attachment to their penises. I just accept it as part of the way it goes.

    Instead, I use it to my advantage. 🙂 The boys I play with, they don’t mind. I don’t mind. I think everyone’s happy about it. Heh.

  10. Tashe


    You must have had some wonderful partners in your life, they nurtured a wonderful part of you.

    I think this is sexy, it’s empowering and it’s sometimes hard to do.

    I wish that I could admit to “just doing it” when I woke up wanting, and my man lay snoring beside me. I wish I always licked the tat we share, right there, as if to give each other a map of where to start that feels good…Sometimes I do, and by the time I’m screaming in my head with his fingers pluck, pluck, plucking my nipples and his dick so perfectly rubbing that spot deep inside, he’s following me over, clutching, clenching, pluck, pluck, plucking off beat…

    Sometimes I hesitate…why?


    But I married the guy…he can’t reject me anymore…not really, if I think about it.

    We have love and make incredible sex…

    Things To Do:

    1. Suck my baby’s dick late at night when he least expects it, savor its flavor then leave it to bite a nipple, then return while he moans helplessly underneath me.

    2. Hesitate never.

    Um, mad coyote – you’re hot. I hope your woman enjoys you.

    Scribe, One day someone’s going to read this shit and your life will change forever…If this hasn’t happened yet, it will, trust me.

    You’re that good…

    …and probably having the best sex ever.

    Good for You.

  11. scribe called steff

    Tashe — Some great partners, yeah, but I think partners improve if you bring your A game, and that’s what I do always try to do. By being your best, you make the others around you better, don’t you think?

    Good to-do list.

    Finding someone — I’m not skeptical on that. I’ve always been someone optimistic about love. It doesn’t make me any less scared of getting hurt, but it does make me feel like there’s a reason to the madness, a reason to put myself through it all. That makes all the difference.

    (shrug) Who knows what makes any of us how we are, but hey, a few good people in your past can mean the world, I guess.

    Or some really noteworthy orgasms. Whatever. 🙂

  12. Arnold

    Definitely a turn-on even if the hard-on was caused by a full bladder. I’m not too shy to react positively and still request a potty break before we get down to the real business.

  13. Mad Coyote

    Ahem…thanks Tashe. Still technically single at the moment…but I’m sure my entire collection of Star Wars figures in the original packaging is bound to attract a bevy of women to me… 😉

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