Can't Orgasm?

A word of advice?

If you’re a woman, and you’re unable to orgasm,
and you have photos of your family
anywhere near
a place you regularly like to have sex?

Move them. Seriously.

Why? Because psychology is important in sex, and so is shame. If you feel shame, you won’t orgasm. If your mommy or daddy or little nephew Joey have eyes on you with your legs spread and a guy controlling you?
Yeah, good luck with finding your happy spot.

7 thoughts on “Can't Orgasm?

  1. scribe called steff

    Heh, that was a quick comment.

    No, funny story behind that one. I’m off work, and have ambitious plans, so the first thing I’m doing is serious spring cleaning. As a result, I’m moving all my family photos.

    I moved my bed yesterday, rearranged it against the wall for better “access” in certain positions.

    Having rehung all my photos in the hall outside my bedroom, I was all happy, strolled in here to read some comments, and turned around, and as I hit my bed, realized I could now see a photo of my dead mother from my bed, in the exact position I’d be in for one of my favourite, most animalistic positions.

    I promptly grabbed my hammer and reversed everything I had just accomplished.

    No family mementoes, no family photos in my bedroom. One teddy bear. Everything else is Grown Up and Androgynous. πŸ™‚

    I’m so glad I didn’t have to wait until I had sex to see the error of my ways. Thank god for being a smart cookie!

    So, you moved yours, and all the world became a happy place filled with orgasms?

  2. V

    I’ve never had any pictures in the bedroom–not for any reason other than that I don’t have pictures in my bedroom.

    But I’ve been in peoples’ bedrooms who do have pictures of family, and I always think (especially when they’re pictures of parents), “Doesn’t it feel weird to know those pictures are there when you’re with someone?”

    It didn’t occur to me that it could actually interfere with someone reaching orgasm, but it makes perfect sense… If I ever get the urge to put family photos in my bedroom in the future, now I’ll definitely know to rethink my decision. πŸ™‚

  3. scribe called steff

    Jazz — LOL. Your ship done sailed, milady. Lucky you. πŸ™‚

    V-Boat — Exactly. Chicks have so many problems orgasming sometimes that every little advantage you can gain — owning your space, getting rid of things too blatantly connected to your youth, childhood, or family, a picture of an old-bf, etc — can pose huge delay-of-pleasure problems.

    Simple step, but it’s a big statement to make to yourself, too, “They don’t belong here, this is my space.”

    I’m glad you’ll rethink the thought if it occurs to you. πŸ™‚

    I mean, hey, I know better, and I almost did it by accident. Sometimes we just don’t realize the impact.

  4. l'amoureux de KT

    My ex-wife was a painter of some skill [but little talent] and had painted a large canvas with images from her childhood – including a large one of her mother, plus a small one each of her older [and unpleasant] brother and younger sister. She mounted it to the wall over the bed of her apartment before we got married.

    We ended up having sex on the floor in the living room because it creeped me out so much.


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