Confessions of a Serial Kisser

Nice, full lips: I can’t get enough of them. I bite, nibble, and suck them with little regard for consequences. I acquiesce to an invading tongue like a defenseless village against raiders. Enter at will, I silently command, unwilling to put up a fight, but ready to engage regardless.
I nibble, bite, lick, and suck my way down his torso, enjoying it as much or more than he does. It’s my land, my territory, and intimate knowledge is my only goal. There’s no part of the body safe from my probing, and I’m an explorer with abandon, navigating first with my hands, then staking my claim with my lips. A nibble, a bite, a suck… all aphrodisiacs for yet another.
Like an addict, one is never, ever enough.

4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Serial Kisser

  1. rose

    oh very nice! i love your description….mostly because i so understand the sentiment.

    love your blog as well…..


  2. Tashe

    I held my breath! I held my breath through that whole piece, the cadence of it, the melody as you read it out loud, (with feeling)!

    Fuck, that was good!
    The imagery; drawing pictures with your words, Wow!

    C’estest beaucoup chaud, eh?

    High on the anticipation factor as well…had me looking forward to reading more, more!

    That was so good.


  3. Mad Coyote

    And you said you didn’t like poetry…

    Seriously, reminds me of a poet by the name of Syn- break all that up into more lines, and it’s very much like one of her poems.

    Heh, there’s hope for you yet…

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