Shop's Closed fer Schtuppin'

So, as you know, I’ve been sick, sick, sick. And not just in the head. πŸ˜‰

Not anymore, though. Well, still sick in the head, but hey, you like that sort of thing. I’m not only well, but I have (gasp) endurance.

Anyhow, given the choice of writing or, as a certain someone has stated, being “ridden like a government mule,” what do you think my choice’ll be? So, I’m closing up shop, back on Monday.

Like my sign? But I’d just like to say that I know a certain contingent of my readers consider me the “Singles Poster Girl,” judging from some emails I’ve gotten of late, and while I regret to inform you of the decision to no longer be single for the foreseeable future — (freaky shit’s going down, like making plans not only for two weeks from now, but two months from now… quite strange to my inner-commitmentphobe, really, but I blame him) — I promise, this will not turn into one of those nauseating “how do I love thee” bullshit blogs, nor will I ever be part of a couple’s blog, despite the fact that he’s a quality writer in his own right.

Not to slam couples’ blogs at all, it’s just not my bag. Whatever would I do without my soapbox?

Anyhow, here’s hoping y’all get lucky, too. But unfortunately for you, you don’t get to eat my cookin’ before you do. The Guy’s getting laid, and fed, both exceedingly well. God, I’m a cheap date.

(BTW, the sign’s one I made in Illustrator. Ah, desktop publishing. How fun.)

10 thoughts on “Shop's Closed fer Schtuppin'

  1. Mariana

    So… you are no longer single? I can’t help but smile… I still remember reading that piece you wrote “Marriage: I don’t” and wondering it you’ll ever get married, and like it!

    You remind me of my feminist friends who said they’d never get married, ever! And they got married years before I did!

    As a married womam myself I can say I that this is the best part of my life, and that sharing your life with someone else is one of the harders, and most wonderful things ever.

    All the best for the two of you. This is quite a journey you are starting.

  2. jenn

    steff, you are a positive influence for women by being about the only form of media presented to us that is not telling us that we should want,if not positively need, a relationship. the fact that you are positvely smitten in a relationship and choose to trust your readers about something so personal does not at all undermine what you stand for. don’t worry, us single girls don’t see you as a sell out.
    be happy, and make no excuses and feel no guilt for it.
    you deserve it. =)

  3. Anonymous

    If only I could be a very small mouse in the corner,watching this weekend unfold. Steff,You and yours have a wonderful erotic weekend, you both deserve it.

  4. The boyfriend

    If only I could be a very small mouse in the corner,watching this weekend unfold.

    Ew. No.

  5. scribe called steff

    Ditto what the BF said about the mouse comment. That’s a pretty creepy thought.

    I only like voyeurism when I’m doing the watching… and I friggin’ hate mice.

    Yep. Creepy.

  6. The Dark Precursor

    Enjoy the time off, you deserve it. And enjoy the relationship, you’ve earned that as well.

  7. Anonymous

    Okay, I don’t know what caused this huge gaping maw in the space/time continuum, but not only are you closing up blog to do government work, I am going on my first date with a man I meet via on-line personals TEN MONTHS ago. (There is serious geographical distance involved.)

    What is the world coming to?

    P.S. Congrats to you! Have FUN!!!

  8. scribe called steff

    TDP — I agree, I’ve earned it! So has he. Fun, fun. Thanks. πŸ™‚ A little insomnia meant I wrote a posting anyhow.

    Anon/D — LOL! Hey, rock on. Enjoy that date.

    You realize I’m not getting paid to be ridden like a government mule, don’t you? Well, I’ve had about three times as many orgasms has he’s had, but I’m not sure that counts. He got dinner and breakfast and dinner again. I think I qualified as lunch, though. Food for orgasms. There’s a program I can get behind! YEAH, baby.

  9. the boyfriend (spent)

    So, to y’all: yeah, she’s had more O time, but I haven’t had to do the cooking. So I call it a fair trade.

    We had fun, we both hurt all over. We’re getting a feel for each other (so to speak). It was good. It’ll be damn good when I’m off the codeine πŸ˜‰

  10. scribe called steff

    Yeah, so it turns out that codeine’s bad for the sex drive. Who knew? I didn’t see a hell of a lot of evidence to that fact.

    And it’ll be better when my neck gets in shape so I can give ya the full-meal-deal blowjob session I know I can do. I shoulda kept one of your T3s.

    (For those joining the program late — I’ve had whiplash four times and three serious concussions, so I have a history of neck probs. Injury prone, anyone? Intermitten BJs give me migraines. Regular ones, though, eventually strengthen the neck. I think I can only do a paltry 15 minutes right now. But I toughen up quick. Ha.)

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