Sex Sells Insecurity

So there’s this new show and I’ve seen all of 60 seconds of it, but I have some taped and will be weighing in with an opinion. It’s ABC’s How To Get The Guy. Great, just what we need. Yet another show that teaches women how to pander to the men around them in the hopes that maybe, JUST MAYBE one of them will see her for the star she truly is, and then they’ll just let’er shine, baby.
For fuck’s sake, let’s just once have guys feeling like the desperate morons that need to pander to us, okay? Let’s stop having this whole “oh, woe is me!” and “be a bettah babe” mentality that chicks seem to suffer from, all right? There’s NOTHING wrong with you. Love’s a bitch and it’s better that it fails more than it succeeds, because then you GET it when you GOT it. Get it?
Men are great when they KNOW what they want. The rest of the time, they’re loveable fucking pains in the asses, and doing all you can to up your charm quotient and flirt like the dickens is probably gonna do sweet fuck all to knock some sense in his head, which is the part that really needs to transpire.
But since the media knows there’s only limited appeal to a reality show that has a bunch of Manhattan women lined up in the street with those giant plastic sledgehammers as they wait for the opportunity up and bell-ring the dude of their dreams with said sledgehammer, we just keep getting the same old crap spoon-fed to us in a new manner. How to snag a man. How to get laid, get happy, get a minivan, and get the fuck on. How to ignore the fact that it’s really the rest of your life leaving you feeling like you’ve got a gaping hole in your soul as you chase down a guy who’s ultimately probably gonna be a bad fix who’ll last you less than any classic seven-year itch.
God forbid we ever stop trying to solve our giant emptinesses with people around us, or that we stop blaming our failings on the people we’re in relationships with, because then what in the hell would the Hollywood types ever do with all those television scheduling hours that need to be filled with, gasp, content?
Besides, new evidence shows that the notion of “sexual chemistry” tends to be something schemed up by men within the first five minutes of meeting a woman, whether it’s there or not. How in the HELL is watching 15 episodes of an over-simplified “If you do THIS, you’ll GET him” man-hookin’ methodology gonna do sweet fuck all for you if men are even MORE simple than we’d ever nightmared anyhow?
Sure, there are tricks you need to know. How to grin, how to use body language to your advantage, how to talk, how to kiss. I’m just thinking it goes two ways. I’m hoping the media figures that the fuck out soon. There’re far too many clueless men out there. Let’s start empowering THEM for a change and see what that does to shake up the mix, all right?

(Besides, I have this theory that women overcompensate in the “hunt” for the man for the fact that they often don’t know what the hell to do with him to keep him one they got him. Sexual issues, et al, are probably areas that need to be explored more than the realm of how to get him onto a first date. That’s the easy part. Geez.)

4 thoughts on “Sex Sells Insecurity

  1. Roscoe

    No shit…all a guys wants is a girl to be herself and let him be who he is..

    Doesn’t matter, you could be as hot as Angelina but if you have the personality of a doorstop and none of your own ideas or opinions I’m sad to say the “don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out” will keep repeating itself over and over again…

    Another reality show…just what the worlds needs…ugh!

  2. Haaaaaaa

    I knew you would say this because it’s the right thing to say. If we want to be happy with the relationship, then there should be no pretending during the initial part. The approach this show offers will only lead to complaints from wither side that their partnet has somehow “changed” once the relationship evolved.

  3. scribe called steff

    Yeah, I’m sick of the mentality that knowing how to flirt means you’re gonna get into a good relationship. Hell-fucking-lo? Let’s have actual communication, the ability to have your own life, the ability to respect your partner’s needs, and other similar must-have details addressed by these programs.

    People wonder why the average relationship fails dismally, well… focusing on how to FIND the relationship is the problem.

    You’d think people would understand 2+2 a little better, y’know?

  4. Linda

    I know how to be single, love myself, explore my own sexuality, and have self-esteem with or without “a man”. I’m REALLY yearning for a man *who loves me just as I am* as well as himself. I’m thinking at this point, I’d REEAALLLYYYY prefer to have a great intimate male partner! As well as explore bi-sexuality, polyamory, Tantra, BDSM, and other such. A REAL miracle is for somebody to totally love me, ALL of me, even though I’m human and have faults as well as gifts and strengths… AND I can still be myself. I know it is soooo “politically correct” and “feminist” to say “OH I don’t NEED a man, I’m just happy to be all by myself!” I’ve been there, done that. I’m going to keep the gifts of long stretches of singlehood…. AND hope for a great partnership!

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