Oh, For God's Sake!

Okay, to the anonymous who left the comment that has inspired this rant:
It’s okay, I’m not taking it personally, and I understand you were coming from a nice place and being genuine. Still. It ain’t you, it’s society, and I’ve been meaning to comment on this for awhile.


I just broke up with someone, and I’m a bit touchy about it, even now, a whopping eight days later. I know, all these hours and days have passed us by, a whopping eight days and six hours, and I ought to certainly be all good and better and fine about it.
But I’m not. I know, I’m hoping to nip this in the bud before a stunning two weeks has passed, but I’m so emotionally stunted that I’m not sure I’ll quite manage that.
Okay, obnoxious mode is off.
Here’s the deal: I fucking hate the western culture of pretending we’re stoic and tough and good and fine just a few days after any kind of adversity befalls us.
It’s like old-school hockey. “Holy smokes! Didja see that hit?! That boy had his bell rung but good. The coach is looking him over, and he’s giving some shakes of his head. Holy hell, he’s joining the team again. This kid’s a trouper — bell ringing and keeps on singing!”
Back in the day, you took your hits like a man and played through, no matter what the cost. Naturally, it turned out the costs were high.
You have to understand, strong and stoic are things I strive to be. I understand life’s hard and comes with challenges, and it ain’t all fun and games. I’ve had some really hard times in the last decade particularly, and I think I’ve handled them all pretty well. Never perfect, but who among us is?
If I just up and dropped the thing with the ex, and all the struggles I’ve hit this week, you know what? You’d stop reading me. Because I would cease to be myself. It’s this overly analytical, detail-focused, mildly obsessive, often compulsive cynical satirist you’ve come to enjoy. That’s who I am. I’m a rebel without a cause, a thinker without a clue, and a poser with no apologies. That’s me. I get lost in the chaos that is my life because I am absolutely unapologetically self-obsessed.
I’m not at all the guru some people have taken me for. (WHY have you done this?) What I am, is a really, really, really good reality surfer.
See, whatever comes at me, I find a way to ride it until it breaks. I’m very good. I’ve had to be. I don’t have a smooth-sailing life in the least. Ahh, I’m so in it for the drama, man.
Anyhow, whatever. The point is, my relationship ended just a week ago. I’m not gonna just drop the topic and be magically healed like I’ve just had a Jerry Falwell moment or something. Anyone who does is just asking to get fucked mentally, because that’s not how to deal with troubles. Own it, experience it, make love to it, and let it go. Don’t just chuck it and hope the garbage guys come.
I’ll be moving on from this, you can bet your ass on that. Soon, too, probably, but it’ll happen after I’ve really come to learn something from the experience. See, my life is lived because I choose to examine it — and now, immediately, not some 50 years down the road as I write my memoirs.
Keep in mind: This week holds a party, a concert, a big social night out, and maybe a couple other things. It’s busy. I’m not sitting around on my ass as much as it might sound. When I am around, I need to learn a little about podcasting.
The podcast looms in the nearer future now. A matter of weeks, for sure, probably three of them. The trouble I now have is that I need to design a new blog. I will be keeping the Cunt alive, and feeding it periodically, but there’ll be a new blog, Smut & Steff, a companion blog to my podcast. You’ll see photos and notes and such about things inspiring me any given week, some postings of mine, and that sort of thing. I intend to have it be a very symbiotic relationship, sort of like blog+podcast=steffness, I hope.
So, a new blog, a new podcast… much looms. In the meantime, deal with my self-involved life — I can’t afford therapy, and you’re a sexy listener, so I’m thinking it’s working just fine for the short-term. Don’t worry, I’ll get some rest and shit sometime this week and my writing will snap back on soonish, I suspect.

5 thoughts on “Oh, For God's Sake!

  1. roscoe

    Sweet đŸ™‚

    Western culture is messed…glad to see your not following the “sweep it under the rug” way of thinking!

    Enjoy it all, good and bad…it makes life much more interesting doesn’t it!

  2. Anonymous

    I couldn’t read the whole blog. I was so pissed, but I hope things work out for you. Don’t pay any attention to the jerk that sent you the message. I miss the old Stef! I know that you’re a continuing work of art, but the past couple of months have been bland for me. I’ve been bored, but the past few days have been very interesting, ..um …more Stef like…..I don’t want to see you in pain, but……a less girded Stef is what I’d like to read…

    thanks, Oz

    Yeah I suck (so selfish …Sorry), but I’m looking for the ever changing Stef artist that drew me in from the beginning.

  3. monicker

    Who needs high blood pressure? It always took me forever to get over someone. It’s inhuman to “just get over it” as some people think necessary.

  4. theAxe

    Yeah, I agree with Monicker, and about the stay tough thing, i dunno aobut toher dudes but there was one time i almost broke down in from of a girl i was quite into, and i was pretty ashamed even though i didnt actually break down. it’s ingrained into us all our lives. I am certainly no “manly man” but i’m not someone who belives that women are into “metrosexuals” and uber-sensitive guys, if she sees your a wimp, you’ve already shot yourself in the foot. Anyway, sorry if you’re bothered by a long rambling comment. Is this new podcast-y blog going to replace cunting linguist? or will you continue this one too?

  5. Rick

    Everyone needs to lick their wounds. They don’t admit it, but they do. If your history is any indication, you will deal with this and it will be a part of your history.

    Take your time, the world will be waiting for you when you are ready to re-engage. Just don’t take too long, life is short after all.

    Take care

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