6 thoughts on “Can I Get an "Amen"?

  1. modern guy

    You know… I think it is sad that there are people like the one in the comic strip who give all Christians a bad name. I am Christian, and on top of that… Catholic. And it is people like this that make me truly apalled by my own background.

    I think that people should just believe in what they believe and if someone else doesn’t believe the same thing, it’s ok. I think the #1 sin of those crazy right wing christians is their intolerance. If they would go back and read that thing called the Bible that they always wave around right next to the flag, then they would see that it says to “Love thy neighbor” not “Love only thy neighbor who is not a gay, pro-choice, non-believer artsy fartsy type…”

    Unless I missed something…

    BTW – Hey Steff! Been a while since I have commented, but this one got me all fired up this morning!! Cheers.

  2. Damian

    Hear hear.

    I was born Catholic, went to two religious schools and am generally regarded as a moral and upstanding guy. It offends me when religious people assume that I have not thought about my own belief system until they came along to feed me their usually overly simplistic formula solution. And I am even more offended when they try to disenfranchise me by attempting to inflict their often hypocritical and religiously unfounded beliefs on the population.

    If you do not agree with abortion, do not have one. If you do not agree with abortion, do not assume it gives you the right to tell others not to have one. And the same goes for all the other alleged abominations.

  3. scribe called steff

    Well, what gets me is that there’s such a hypocrisy right now in the US, and even in parts of Canada.

    I’m working for and with Muslims in my new job. They’re kind, generous, socially-aware, and charitable people. They’re moral, respectful of my own beliefs, and expect nothing of me.

    However, the media would have you believe they’re all about five minutes away from jumping on a plane with shoe bombs and vendettas.

    What I hate about the hypocrisy is that the extremist Christians don’t fucking get that extremism is extremism, no matter what God you choose to believe in. They’re so stunned and shocked by life in some Muslim countries, yet they’re turning around and trying to run America with the same fundamentalist views… it fucking baffles me.

    I was raised religious, but I despise the judgmental attitudes from fundies. Despise it.

    Accept me for who I am. Don’t think that because I don’t go to church with you that I’m not a moral person given to being charitable, loving, kind, and ethical. Who likes sex.

    And, Modern, those of us who waited around for brains at the factory realize that those are extremist Christians and that they do NOT have the RIGHT to speak for all Christians. Unlike them, we do not paint everyone with the same brush. Have no fear.

  4. monicker

    Totally sweet! Sadly, most extremists don’t seem to have a sense of humor about their hypocracy…

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