Doing My Bit to Curb Surplus Forests

One of the things about suddenly becoming single — in the midst of a harrowing depression — is that I tend to begin to neglect myself. I ran out of hair removal stuff about six weeks ago and have continuously forgotten to buy it every time I’m in a drug store. Finally, yesterday, I remembered.
Thus, I have taken to my bush like Weyerhauser in the Amazon, my friends. Clearcut, baby. (Okay, I lie. I favour the landing strip. There are some things I just won’t do to my clit, you know?)
There’s something nice about going to bed all sexed up even when I know it’s just a solo show this evening. I don’t care.
I know there are some guys who favour the bush look, but ugh. No. Just can’t do it. The funny thing is, I’ve never been into ridding all the hair beyond the bikini line until the last couple years. Now I love it. It feels cleaner. There’s nothing like hair down there, and panties, and a pair of jeans, and SITTING on it all to make you feel like you’ve got some groin-area sweatbox going on. I love a shorn twat in a pair of jeans. It feels great. Much, much better. It also makes sleeping naked a little more fun ‘cos I’m more susceptible to breezes and such.
Yeah, I used to be a very Amazonian woman. Strange how drastically I’ve changed that way. I guess the moral is to never presuppose something’s not for you until you’ve tried it.
Anyhow, I have nothing more to say. I’m naked, ready for bed, and things are liable to get much more entertaining than if I were sitting here tapping out words for you to digest.
Which brings to mind a great saying from one of my favourite writers, Truman Capote: The good thing about masturbation is that you don’t have to get dressed up for it. (And Steff ads: Or make dinner, or wash the sheets, or sleep on the wet spot, or pay the bill, or say the right thing, or laugh at jokes you’ve missed the punchline on, or make sure you’re not caught eyeing some sexy beast across the road, or… or… or…)
My bed no longer beckons. It bellows. So, adieu.

5 thoughts on “Doing My Bit to Curb Surplus Forests

  1. ATL LG

    No way first…sweet!

    Mmmmm the picture painted in my mind from this.

    But I’m already at work! OK I’ll be worthless at my first meeting in 20 min.

    Thanks Steff.

    Now to turn it around. How do you like your lover “scaped” so to speak?

  2. roscoe

    Nothing is worse than the Amazon jungle in the love zone..

    I put up with it for a long time and after visiting Brazil for the first time a few years ago, well lets just say I am only taking my holidays one way…

    Nothing worng with a landing strip to guide your way in, but the uncovered beaches of Brazil will always be my favorite πŸ™‚

  3. Tara Tainton

    Great photo…and I know what you mean about the self neglect. I head that way every week or so since I work at home and have no schedule to remind me it’s time to prim up. πŸ˜‰ But it’s amazing how that bit of maintenance really makes us feel better and come alive.

  4. Spicy Little Pi

    All Bare! All the time!

    Really gives you that porn star feeling…for, uh…yeah when you’re messing around with the camera….


  5. The Station Supervisor

    My ex-wife used to let me trim hers for her, and i must admit that I didn’t mind at all.

    It even got to the stage where she trimmed me once but only the once as she said it made me look like a pre-pubesant school boy.

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