Sugasm 141

Hey, Minions. 🙂
I’m still sick. Yes, poor me. But I’m better enough to go to work today. Which isn’t necessarily a good thing, since I’ve grown attached to my lumpy spot on the couch, but hey. Life’s rough, get a helmet.
This is what I get for thinking “Oh, hey, I should increase the amount of milk I’m drinking… and soy’s so expensive”. I know I’m very sensitive to ice cream and big yogurt shakes and stuff, as I’ve had nasty illnesses hit me after those, but I figured skim milk might be safe. So instead of gradually bumping up my intake, I started making myself a couple lattes each morning.
Yeah, so that was dumb, and now I know. 😛 Time to bump up the calcium supplements, and back to soy I go. Shit happens, baby.
But I’m still somewhat congested, not right in the head, and not into writing, so I’ll just use this as a chance to pimp the Sugasm and wish all y’all a fine and dandy hump day.
So, without ado, Sugasm. Eat some, you’ll feel better.

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  1. Will

    Get yourself well, Steff.
    I’ll be doing some Sugasm reading myself..

    ..Thanks, for dropping by, for a peek.

    Public Figure flame:
    Britney needs a good spanking for smokin’ in front of the kiddies. That lil whippersnapper could set the house on fire. (spank* Britney!:)

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