Heatwave Tip!

Vancouver’s caught in a beautiful sexy beast of a heatwave that has me dreading cyclerides to work… but loving it at the same time.
GayBoy taught me this trick a year or two on a barbecue of a day, and it’s awesome to use at times.
Just put 5-6 inches of cooold water in the bathtub and stand in it in your bare feet for a few minutes. Bliss! Cools you down completely. Without wasting a lot of water. (Think green, people!)
Better yet? Bring a beer and a book and take a seat on the side of the tub. (Naked works.) I’m saving this trick for before bed. Sans beer, sadly.

2 thoughts on “Heatwave Tip!

  1. C.J. Strata

    I do that sort of thing myself. If it’s really hot at night, I’ll go to the bathroom and run some cold water over my feet. Get my ears wet, too. Then I go stand/lie in front of a fan. I heard from someone somewhere that the human body’s best temperature regulators are the feet and the ears, and it seems to be pretty accurate.

  2. Anonymous

    as well as the hands….i sometimes go to sleep with a frozen cooler pack under my hand….cools you right off because of all the capillaries.

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