Sex-Toy Review: The Stubby G!

Let’s talk sex toys today. Specifically, I’ll be reviewing The Stubby G.
First, I want to explain how a few things work for all y’all, since I know sex-blog readers see these reviews all the time, and, personally, I see that 95% of them are positive, so I could understand how review-readers might skeptically dismiss us one and all as rabid sex-toy fans who love everything that comes our way.
What you need to understand is, there are a couple different ways sex toy companies operate. Some will contact bloggers and go, “Hey, want to review toys?” and when our broke asses reply, “Dude! Yeah! I need me some O’s!” they’ll send us a box of toys, it gets opened, and inside is a bunch of shit they couldn’t sell and now the poor sucker who opened the box is on the hook to review hundreds of dollars of piece-of-shit toys. I threw out the toys One Company To Remain Unnamed sent me a couple years back — they weren’t fit for my body, for reviews, for nothing.
There are two or three Big Companies, though, like VibeReview, who don’t operate under such stupid methodology, considering a sex toy isn’t just something you foist on someone. Instead, these better companies, like VR, they’ll say “Hey, wanna review toys? Choose what you like, and we’ll start there!”
So, instead of getting some random-ass box of toys to review, folks like me are lucky and we receive toys that we actually WANT to review. See how that works? Toys we WOULD buy are the toys we are sent, so, you know these are toys that are up our alleys, at the very least. Hence why we’re more likely to like than pan the products we receive.
Because, like you, The Purchasing Public, we too can log on to VibeReview, see that there’s 15 well-written four-star reviews that routinely have joyous glee peppered throughout, and think, “Hey, that looks good!”
Personally, I’ve been broke off my ass for a few years. Money’s not something I take lightly, and I take my reputation seriously, too, so I won’t be telling you to spend hard-earned dollars on toys I think aren’t worth it.
In short: We luck out, get sponsorship, and if we’re lucky, they send us a custom-ordered shipment of toys appropriate for us — our tastes, and our bodies — then we share our discoveries with you, and if you like what you see in our reviews and buy something by clicking through our review, we might even get a few bucks commission.
So, is that clear now? You get how this works?


Today’s pleasure-causing object for review? The Stubby G.
From the esteemed Fun Factory brand, The Stubby G‘s a g-spot toy that delivers. It gets four-stars on its VibeReview page, and I think they’re well-earned.
This is one of those good-to-go toys that arrives with batteries and lube in the box. Once you clean it, you’re ready to rock.
I find that most toys who boast “ribbing” can be scoffed at quite easily. You’d think sex-toy makers thought every woman was the fairytale princess who could feel the pea under the stack of mattresses. “Oh! My lord! That microscopic ribbing will make such a difference in my orgasm! Yay for microscopic barely-there ribbing!”
Who’s kidding who? Most ribbing is pointless. NOT, however, on The Stubby G. I mean, lord, look at this thing! When you pull it out or push it in, imitating thrusting, you KNOW something’s moving in and out of you.
Which is kind of the point, isn’t it?
Its curve is perfect for angling up and questing for your g-spot, and it’s easy to rotate it for better contact. Outside, the fluted flange at the base provides great exterior stimulation, so when you’re in deep, you’re getting it in all the right places — on the g-spot, the clit, and everywhere in between — because the width and shape and design is just perfect for multi-pleasing fun.
The Stubby G is splash-proof, not waterproof, so you can toy about in the shower if you’re into waterplay, and is made of phthalate-free silicone so it’ll clean up well.
The vibrating power isn’t anything wildly new or different. But it’s strong. It vibrates. It’s a graduated dial, so you seamlessly move through the several varying speeds, instead of clicking through, and that’s always nice.
A word about the dial itself. There are women who write reviews lauding how great the dial is. Really? When I first opened The Stubby G, I liked the dial. I thought, “OH, that’ll be easy to turn and use during play!” because the flower design on the dial is slightly raised, so you think “cool, traction” for lube-y fingers, right?
Wrong. I found the dial sort of frustrating, myself, when my fingers were all covered with lube and I was trying to toggle through speeds. I had to figure out the grip. Since I sometimes have problems with my right hand where it might get sore or seize up after too much working out, I find the dial pretty frustrating with wet well-lubed fingers, which are generally the case when we girls have to take care of bizness. I found this could be easily dealt with by having a box of Kleenex by the bed or something.
All in all? Definitely a toy that’ll be living bedside in my Chosen Toys Box, for sure. Apparently I’m the only person who thinks Fun Factory dials can be improved, but hey. The rest of The Stubby G makes for good times, and that’s what we’re after. And it’s what I’ve certainly had in playing with this stubborn little G.
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2 thoughts on “Sex-Toy Review: The Stubby G!

  1. divineheather

    Steff –

    The Stubby G is a cool g-spot vibrator, but it has nothing on the G Twist. Just my opinion.

    I can’t help it … I am going to be honest: I like the feel of a thicker toy with ribbed texture and one heck of a shaft curve. Talk about good thrusting capability, the G Twist is right on the money. It turns this usually shy woman into a wild beast.

    Still, the Stubby G is a fun sex toy. Oh, hey! Come check out the Bad Sex Toys list on The Accidental Blowjob. I put together a list of 10 horrible, horrible toys to avoid.

    Get yo birthday groove ready, girl!


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