Sex Toy Review: "The Lovely (and lamely-named) Rose"

I’m sorry, but I often really, really hate the name of sex toys. And this is no exception.
From Emma’s Passion Garden comes the Dual Rose aka “The Lovely Rose.” Jesus, people. Fire the marketing department, because this toy deserves so much better. Really.
Nonetheless, when a guy was recently given the choice of what toy to invade my personal space with, this is the toy he thought looked most up to the job. 20 minutes later and we were both in agreement that his choice was a good one, and since the rest of the sexual encounter was a total waste of my time, I was pleased I’d had the foresight to give the bad loverman some tools toward pleasuring me.
The Dual/Lovely Rose is a Rabbit-type vibe that aims to give you a double-dose of the feelin’-goods.
Obviously I have a hard time getting past bad product names or lame packaging, and I felt that the Rose came with both. And that’s why I was so pleasantly surprised that the toy itself is actually quite good. I mean, it succeeds in getting my knees shaking.
I’ve checked out the reviews of this product on Vibe Review, one of the great reasons you should be checking their site out, and found that all the reviews sort of found the same things I did — that the design of the tapered, dare I say “blooming,” head of the vibe is a great saving grace. It’s narrower closer to the base, but the head is of a nice size. When you throw in the 360-degree rotation of the head, and the fact that you can reverse roatating directions, plus the reasonably powerful vibing action, and it’s a damned fine toy. It’s got wide clearance with a narrower shaft, so it hits a lot of really great happy spots on every turn. This is helped by the fact that the toy’s every so slightly tilted upwards on an angle in its “resting” position, by the way, so it’s intended for g-spot pleasure, too, and it succeeds handily.
Something I also like is The Rose’s easy touch-sensitive speed selection. I really think more sex toy makers need to ensure their hands and fingers are all covered with lube when they’re trying to adjust the speeds on their toys because I sure as fuck don’t find it easily done on some of these toys. Tragically, we have to get messy before playing, and it’d be nice if lubes didn’t get in the way of more fully exploring our toys. This one, however, is very easily adjusted with slippery fingers. So, thank you to Emma and her Garden for making this an easy one to toggle through speeds and modes with.
Speaking of speeds and modes: There’s three speeds of rotation in either direction, and all you need to do is push the middle button once and it’ll flip on the fly. (Unlike most men you know.) It also has three speeds of vibrating. But you can also opt for no vibrating, and just rotating, or vice versa, which is nice if you’re in a take-it-or-leave-it mood.
The thing really worth noting, though, is that this is one of the most affordable Rabbit-style vibes out there. It’s a great budget toy, since it comes in at about 30% cheaper than most of the other Rabbit-type vibes, but it’s really effective. I haven’t had the pleasure of using other Rabbit-style vibes (long story there) so I don’t know if the noise volume’s excessive or not, but it’s definitely more audible compared to single-stim non-rotating vibes, but that’s not a big shocker.
Much to my surprise, I think The Rose will be one of my go-to toys. The rotating’s powerful and effective, and the clit stimulation is highly effective. The trouble with the clit stim head is what’s also listed in all the VR reviews — that it’s not a very big clit-stim head and gives only regional clit stimulation instead of hitting all the pleasure spots all the time.
And what do I have to say about that? Well, I think that’s going to be a bigger problem for some women than others. Everyone’s body design is a little different. For me, this toy works well.
Even better? It’s waterproof. Not splash-proof, but water proof.
And even better? It’s phthalate-free.
So, if you’re looking for a budget vibe that does double-duty, is waterproof for bathtime playing, and is easy to operate and use? Go for the Lovely/Dual Rose . Ignore the stupid name, and go for it.
And, hey, I know it’s a cheap-enough toy already, given the stiff pricing of its competition, but why don’t you click here and use this coupon and save 10% off?
By the way, if you buy anything through Vibe Review (the Rose or anything else) by clicking on any of these links in this review, I’ll never know YOU bought anything, or what, but you’ll be putting money in my pocket. It’s like magic! You get happy, I get happy. Oh, my pockets would be so grateful.

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    oooh, great review….now, i would definitely get one if i didn`t already have something of the same type…

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    yeah, it’ll be interesting when toys begin to see redundant thanks to volume, but for now i’m in the “yay, another new toy!’ fun stage. đŸ™‚

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